“And in the end. . . the love you take                           

is equal to the love you make.”

                         --- Paul McCartney


Sex and Pisces

The last water sign in the zodiac is Pisces, ruled by Neptune the planet of illusion, and symbolized by two fish tied together, yet swimming in opposite directions. You should be able to tell from just these opening lines that your lover is someone out the ordinary. In fact, there are some who think Pisces is on another astral plane!

Aquarius might be the genius who knows . . . but Pisces is the mystic who feels. Aquarius might march to the beat of a different drummer. . .but Pisces flows through life to celestial music that only they can hear.

Some astrologers believe the two fish represent the personality and the soul. The more esoteric meaning is that during their life, Pisces will strive to detach themselves from the ego of personality in their struggle for spirituality. However, a lover of Pisces probably won’t need esoteric knowledge to understand how Pisces is often drawn in two directions. They are often outgoing and seemingly content. Then, without warning, they can become depressed and withdrawn. They can be absolutely magnetic lovers who transport you to dreamlike realms of fantasy with sensual play. Then, the tides turn and Pisces can become moody, distant, and sex is about as appetizing to them as last night’s pizza.

Keep your eye on the prize . . .

Before we delve into the watery depths of the conflicted Pisces, Olivia wants to introduce you to someone who will make all your caring worth the effort: the mature Pisces lover.

By now, you know all too well that to help our lovers reach their potential, we must love them enough to battle many different ogres: everything from infidelity and jealousy to tactlessness and temper. It’s a wonder we have enough energy left to enjoy the prize, which is a grownup lover. Now, if you’ve been very good and eaten your tofu and said your prayers, that lover will be a Pisces -- someone who loves with their minds, their hearts, their souls and ask nothing but your love in return. How many of us have experienced a truly selfless love? Oh, alright, I see a little Asian lady in Bangkok raise her hand. Is that all? Well, pure and selfless love is what a mature and evolved Pisces is all about. If it was possible to grow a lover, organically, without chemicals or additives, the mature Pisces is what you would get.

Sensitive to the touch . . .

The world, with its growing hard-nosed corporate mentality, war, taxes and television reruns, can be a harsh place for everyone, and especially for a Pisces who has a strong inner pull to escape beyond this earthly and material world. Whether your lover shows just a glimmer of the desire to transcend reality, or if the flame burns brightly, it often seems as though Pisces landed on earth by mistake and is just waiting to catch the next spaceship out. You see, Neptune rules the astral plane and it transports Pisces to higher mystical realms we can only imagine. When Pisces develops their psychic sensitivity, you’ll often wonder how your lover knew when and how and where you wanted to be touched. They seem to feel and know things that are beyond logic.