You have been called innovative and progressive to your face, Aquarius, and “a loose canon” behind your back. The words “politically correct” might as well be written in Sanskrit; because that’s how much meaning they have for you. You are definitely your own person, who does his or her own thing, and you’re prepared to live with the consequences.

Of course, the only problem is that being such an eclectic, often eccentric, individualist often makes it hard for other people to live with you as easily.

However, the last person to ask why you do the things you do, Aquarius, has got to be you! That Uranian energy is so strong, and so quick, that you often act before even realizing that you decided to take the leap. People may not understand you, but that’s just fine with you, because you don’t think, act or speak to please others. You dance to your own tune and it was never meant for five-part harmony!

Anything that is progressive attracts you, from spiritual beliefs to holistic medicine. Anyone who tells you “it’s always been done this way” will be left in the dust. Your eyes are focused on the future, and if something has always been done a certain way, you’re just the person to shake it up, tear down and start all over again . . . in a better way that will help more people. 

Being an air sign, you tend to filter your emotions through your intellect, and so you may have to work harder to emotionally bond with those close to you. Trying to put yourself in someone else’s shoes is a good start, stirring up the empathy and compassion needed in relationships. 

If you work towards your potential, your vision can infuse groups and organizations with inspiration. You see a better world, but where to start making it a reality?  The answer is always . . .with yourself. No sign could find more fertile ground on which to build a model for the future.



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