Why are you so impulsive, Aries? Why do you sigh in exasperation when friends suggest you should slow down before jumping fearlessly across burning buildings to get where you want to go?

The answer is provided to anyone who might ask you. Well, you explain, time is more precious than money; it is fleeting into memory as we speak, and so we have to use every precious minute of it!

As a fire sign ruled by Mars, your have an innate life force as contagious as the common cold. Your friends love being around you because they get a contact high off your energy. New plans, big dreams, and “ let’s get going already!” is your modus operandi. It all adds up to an innovative vision and enormous appetite for life, but . . .

. . . while rushing in where angels fear to tread doesn’t phase you in the least, (it actually turns you on), you have to learn to blend your often dangerous impulsiveness with discipline and patience. You want what you want when you w ant it, and that’s why your astrological symbol, the Ram, often sees you butting heads with authority figures . . . that means anybody with a strong enough death wish to tell you what to do!

Often you discover it’s the thrill of the chase you love even more than the reward. Without realizing what you sacrifice by not developing patience and discipline, you often refuse to commit to the long run, instead you’re off again to taste the highs of a new beginning.

Slow down Aries, and instead of watching life whiz by at 120 mps, until people and experiences become a blur, enjoy life’s ride at around a scenic 65 mph. Then you can take the time to think about where you’re going, who you want to go with, and for goddess’s sake . . . buckle your seatbelt!



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