Bill Clinton

If power is an aphrodisiac, the world may wonder if Bill Clinton had been drunk on it for years.


What caused our charming, handsome and sexy ex President to get into so much trouble? A look at his horoscope is both fascinating and revealing. On a sexual level the planets tell us a good deal about how Mr. C. expresses himself.

With his Sun and four planets in the “Nobody’s going to rain on my parade” sign of Leo, he is someone who craves the spotlight, and will skip admiration for adulation every time. His Achilles heel is his voracious appetite for flattery. A female who recognizes this desire in him could very well manipulate him for her own advantage way before the waiter comes with the check!

His Moon is found in the earthy sign of Taurus, representing two basic needs in his nature – safety and sensual gratification. However, the emotional safety his marriage provided has always been threatened by his need for the latter. Like campaign funding, it’s fair to say that he prefers it from a variety of contributors. No surprise that his Moon is found in the chart’s 8th house which rules sex. Although the sign Taurus promises a loyal partner, a quality that Hillary has more than displayed, his sexual desires fluctuate like the tides, controlled by the Moon, and have occasionally threatened tsunamis!

However, it is the first house in the astrological chart, representing his temperament, disposition and personality, that is so intriguing. There are four planets in the air sign of Libra: Mars, Venus, Neptune and Jupiter. With Venus (love nature) and Mars (sexual drive in close degree) Bill Clinton has a passionate sex drive. He is simply one of those lucky people who don’t require the escape valve of fantasy to release his built up sexual pressures. Although, his fantasy life is alive and well, thank you very much, our lusty ex-President can also enjoy passionate sex most anytime, anywhere and anyway he wants.

But wait! Life becomes difficult with Mars in exact degree to Neptune. That’s not just astro-babble, because the closer planets are to each other in degree, the more they influence each other. In this case, Neptune and Mars are both exactly in six degrees Libra. That’s a pressure cooker, because Mars (sexual desire) is so close to Neptune (the planet of illusion that obscures our objectivity), it sends up immediate red flags. Wherever Neptune is placed, what we see is not always what we get. The twin energy of these two planets also produce that famous Clinton charisma , and Bill Clinton has a chameleon-like quality that lets him turn on that million-dollar charm whenever, to whoever, he wants. It’s potent enough to fool even a traveling salesman into buying a bible from him!

It also causes strange kinks in his character. There is a restlessness in his nature, and perhaps it’s led him to seek in physical pleasures what can really only be found deep within himself. It may seem as though he’s cynical about these amors de la momento, but in fact, he is very idealistic before a sexual adventure. There is always the unspoken wish: “Perhaps this one will be the ideal sexual partner.”

But Neptune that is so adept at creating smoke and mirrors, the reality never quite lives up to the fantasy, and so the hunt for sexual perfection continues. His self-delusion can be so strong that along with that traveling salesman, he’s his own worst victim when it comes to fooling anyone.

Libra, the sign that plays such an important role in his life, governs relationships. Libra wants harmony above all else, and is constantly seeking balance in relationships. Unfortunately, the world has witnessed the ex-President thrown seriously off balance by a band of roving hormones.

Bill Clinton’s Venus in Libra indicates something the press has observed for years: his tremendous desire and need to be liked. The downside is that he may only find his self-worth through someone else’s eyes. This translates often as Bill Clinton being extremely receptive sexually. He is capable of much elegance and refinement in sex (proof not withstanding), and Mars in Libra gives him a rare gift: being able to unlock someone else’s sexuality. In short, when it wasn’t a quickie behind the rose bushes (quite literally) he was and is capable of being a sensitive and giving lover. The more he gives, the more he is admired, and the more he is admired, the more he thinks of himself, etc. Everyone is happy, not least of all his four planets in the extroverted Sun sign of Leo.

Aggressive Mars, also in Libra, inspires relationships of all kinds. That’s why Bill Clinton is everybody’s friend, loving the give-and-take of ideas. What gets him into trouble is his instinct to respond sexually at the drop of an innuendo!

So will our ex President find his way into the tabloids in the future? Or, will he muster his self-control to meet the challenges in his chart . . . and earn the trust of a certain Scorpio woman who may take her revenge on his escapades, no matter how long it takes.

News at eleven!

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