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Astrology at its finger-lickin’ best!

Explore the temperament, psychological needs, physical desires and  sexual fantasies of the twelve zodiac signs.

Savory recipes and naughty fantasies included for hands-on participation!

For women, about men.


Mmmm . . . aaahhh . . . Oh?

When passion starts to require patience, and that honeymoon period looks just about  . . . yeah, it’s over . . . Olivia comes to the rescue of couples who are committed to staying together.

Astro-psychology can help you more deeply understand both your needs, by guiding you in exploring effective ways to communicate about the three biggies:

Sex, Money, and Power

Includes Moon signs so that you can find the placement of the Moon at your birth and learn just how well you nurture your lover.


Oooohhh . . . . . no.

You’ve got teenagers.

Take your head out of the oven -- help has arrived. Olivia has good news; your child is still in there, along with a cosmic well of strengths, talents, and astrological proclivities for greatness just waiting to be nurtured. (Really).

Astro-psychology uses the wisdom of the stars to bridge generation gaps, helping you communicate by providing invaluable insights into your teen’s inner world -- even when there’s a “KEEP OUT” sign hung on her ear!

Signed by Olivia


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