It’s frustrating to ask you, Moon Child, why you’re so sensitive and take hurts so quickly to heart  . . . because you can quickly disappear into that shell you carry on your back (your astrological symbol is the Crab, remember?) and the only thing you want with you is a box of Kleenex or a bottle of scotch! If you do answer the question, it might be: “Because I want people to be just as aware of my sensitivities as I am of theirs!”

Your ruler the Moon can be magical, calming, and awaken your sensitivities, while it also brings your emotions to the surface. The same emotions may be felt by others in your presence. In fact, you wear your emotions on your sleeve both as a promise of deep love . . . and as a dare for someone to hurt you. Once your feelings are bruised, you don’t admit it, never scream, write a poison pen letter or break glass.

In fact, you may not communicate all -- that is, not with words.

Your lover can waste away to a Gandhi waistline before you come out of your shell. Your parents can put out an Amber Alert. You don’t hear pleas for communication because you are too busy playing the victim. Naturally, you are sending out is your own plea for sympathy and understanding, but this tactic often boomerangs and alienates the very people you need and love. When you finally come out of your shell, you may discover that you’re playing the victim to an empty house!

Of course, whoever stepped on your sensitivities deserves no less than to be shot, at the very least. But if you have to go on relating to them, how about doing it with words? You have an uncanny instinct for what the public wants and that talent makes you dynamic in any form of advertising. So perhaps, Moon Child, I can best get my point across by quoting an advertising slogan that you will probably recognize and appreciate:

Never Let Them See You Sweat.


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