It’s so easy, Capricorn, for someone to get your goat. 
All anyone has to do is to remind you that like the tenacious goat (your astrological symbol) you’re so busy climbing to the top of the mountain that you usually forget to breathe in the incredible view. And if anyone is insensitive enough to use the term “workaholic.” They are in major trouble.

Well, it’s just a moment’s annoyance for you anyway, because you’re much too busy attaining your goals to worry about what people say. It’s not your fault that even those closest to you can’t understand your sense of responsibility or your desire to reach the top of your game. They preach that all work and no play makes for a dull boy (or girl) -- while they completely miss the fact that it’s the work itself that you gives you more fun than five martinis and a trip to the Playboy mansion ever could!

Ruled by that stern taskmaster Saturn, Capricorns have enough discipline and responsibility to run a small country, and of course, the evident danger here is they can run themselves ragged in the process. So along the way, it’s a wise idea to pause and consider just what is waiting at the top of that mountain. Is it worth it all?

Perhaps you might want to rebalance your priorities before the warning of friends and lovers come true, and you find yourself with a professional goal achieved and personal happiness left behind.

Oh yes, one important point: that habit you have of being a perfectionist. You rival that other earth sign Virgo in worrying about reaching perfection and you can suffer depression because of it. So please ease up on yourself, because your talents are many and few can equal your patience and leadership.

In this imperfect world, you probably come as close to perfection as anyone could.



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