It’s boring being told you get bored so easily, isn’t it, Gemini? But you know better than anybody what a smorgasbord of pleasures life has to offer, and you just can’t resist a taste here and a nibble there. Oh yes . . . how about seconds?

Life may not be one big party, but if any sign can create the illusion that it is . . . it is Gemini. Being the master (or mistress) of illusion, it’s party time whenever the mood strikes you. You do it with a silver-quick wit, ingratiating charm and your uncanny ability to mirror the very qualities in someone you want to attract. Your endless curiosity has likened you to a butterfly, skimming flowers to taste the variety of heady nectars. In short, you have a disconcerting habit of flying off just when commitment is in the air 

Your ruler is Mercury, the planet of communication, and if you have found your niche in life, then you’re probably communicating ideas via teaching, reporting, writing or selling your most successful product – yourself. Many who get a sampling of this product are ready to buy a lifetime supply . . . but they never get the chance. When the novelty wears off, your boredom threshold sinks to three inches off the ground..

The big question is: how many hearts can you break, and how many jobs and dreams can you desert . . . and still be the life of your own party?

Since you are an idea person, then how about this intellectual challenge?  Instead of waiting for new excitement in the relationship (or in that college semester, or that job) rev up your energy and invest more effort in inspiring it. There are probably layers to the person, facets to the studies and potential to the job that you haven’t even touched upon. A time-honored truism for butterflies: the deeper you reach, the sweeter the nectar.



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