Heavenly Lovers





By Olivia



Since the symbol of your sign is the Virgin, many people mistake you for being puritanical, one of the Little Women come to life, who blushes at an off-color joke and is far more comfortable petting a pet than a lover.

In truth, you have the female essence of Virgo Sofia Loren, the quintessential Earth Mother, able to nurture a lover while helping him reach his full potential.You have the sexual appeal of Virgo Cameron Diez, playful and spontaneous, yet all the while offering a love that is ripe with sensuality.You have the sultry eroticism of Virgo Salma Hayek, promising your lover depths of sexual experience that will touch his body and soul.

So much for Little Women!

However, in order to fulfill the promise of your earthy sensuality, you need a lover who can handle you (literally and figuratively), appreciating your intelligence, sensitivity, and innate shyness.

Since you’re ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, your ideal lover should know how to tease, tempt and turn you on with the spoken word (have him read my book Erotic Astrology aloud to you in bed!) Eroticism will begin to unlock your sexual fantasies, and Virgo, you know that you have a steamer trunk full of fantasies just waiting to be explored.

Because the most erogenous zone is the mind, your ideal lover will not only be your intellectual equal, but he or she (this is an equal opportunity casting call!) will be sensitive enough to stroke your ego as well as your body. . . building your self-esteem . . making you feel totally desirable and beautiful. It won’t takes long before all your Virgo insecurities will be washed away in waves of passion to come.

When your innate shyness and inhibitions disappear Virgo, you will be like the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis, free to discover the depth of your sexuality.


But where is this ideal love who can promise Virgo heaven on earth, what sign was he born under?


It’s important to know Virgo, that even though you may be highly compatible with a certain sign, a prospective lover born under another Sun, may still have his Ascendant, Moon or  many planets in that sign. So, until you know your lover’s horoscope, use the following astrological insights as a guide on the road to finding a lover who is heaven-sent, but always let your heart lead the way.




The way he loves: Ruled by aggressive Mars, this lover should be delivered to your bed with a tranquilizer (not for him, but for you!) He is aggressive, which will excite you, impulsive which will unnerve you, and although his love making is dynamic, don’t look for long-term security. Aries’ passions are notoriously too intense, and usually too short lived, to sign more than a six-month lease.

You don’t fall in love quickly Virgo, but when you do, you accept the responsibilities a relationship requires. You are definitely in it for the long run, while Aries is more of a sprinter. Although his feelings are very intense, they are usually shorter-lived. So, while he is passionate about the thrill of the hunt, the adrenalin-rush of the chase, and the final victory of the conquest -- Aries doesn’t necessarily stick round once he has passed the finish line.

Virgo, let’s be honest, you’re concerned about being tasteful, and you shy away from anything said or done in neon lights. But Aries, isn’t at all concerned with political correctness and he can be blunt as well, telling you like it is, when you would much prefer he tell it like you want to hear it!

Since you don’t have much humor about your insecurities Virgo, just imagine this scenario playing out. . .

You’re about to make love, and Aries lets you know that you could lose a few pounds, (or gain a few, or redistribute what’s there!). He might say it playfully, or casually, but he has said it, and that’s enough to trigger your every insecurity since the age of eleven, and it will certainly cause coitus interruptus.

You immediately register hurt, and Aries says,  “Honey, lighten up!” and, unknowingly adding insult to injury, he laughs at his own joke.

The worst that happens next is that you fall silent, wounded and deciding what’s a proper punishment for your lover. Aries likes a good argument (preferably one that ends in bed), but doesn’t know how to deal with silence, and sulking can even bring out the bully in this aggressive, Mars-ruled sign – that’s someone you really don’t want to meet.

So, unless his personal horoscope says otherwise, enjoy your Aries lover while it lasts. It will definitely be an orgasmic experience knowing him.





The way he loves: Taurus is ruled by the Venus, and you will feel safe under the warm security blanket of his deep, satisfying love.

You will learn that your Taurus lover has a sensitive Achilles Heel, and it’s triggered by the pangs (and pains) of jealousy. Happily Virgo, you are not a flirt, and so you will never give him cause to worry. Taurus will not only appreciate you for it, he will adore you for it.

Taurus values your love Virgo, because it’s constant, giving him the sense of emotional security that he needs.  He won’t rush into commitment, but when he does, his focus on making your relationship work will be formidable. This lover means what he says and says what he means.

So for you, and because of you Virgo, Taurus will stretch his comfort zone of physical pleasures (he needs his favorite chair, favorite food, favorite sexual position. .  . well, you get the idea). This comfort zone also includes familiar thinking, holding onto old opinions with stubbornness, because they deliver that sense of security he loves.

But what about sex? Is this lover going to settle into making love in the same old predictable and (yawn) comfortable way, without variety or surprises?    

The good news is that this relationship is so high on the compatibility charts, that your  love will inspire Taurus to open his mind to new ideas, allowing him to share the mental stimulation that’s like oxygen to you.

In turn Virgo, the depth of your love will let you transcend some of your more infamous Virgo frailties, like softening your judgmental streak that has proved lethal for many a lover.

Remember Virgo, Taurus is the ultimate sensualist and promises a feast for the senses, but it will be more delicious if you bring some surprises to the party. Your lover tends to be a bit conservative, so introduce him to your specialty -- erotic mind play.  One thing is certain, when it comes to pleasure, Taurus has the primal power to push the boundaries of any comfort zone.

Yes, Taurus seems placid and calm on the outside, but there are sexual tremors underneath that promise the earth will move for you in love making

After all, the astrological symbol for this sign is the Bull. Enough said?




The way he loves:  Virgo and Gemini are both ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, so playing with each other’s minds is a definite turn-on. Sex is light-hearted and fun, with verbal foreplay quickly leading to passionate prose.


However, Virgo, there are problems ahead. You need constancy. He needs variety. You want to discuss something fully to understand it. He wants to leave a subject before he gets bored, which is around the second adjective. You intend to have a committed relationship. He intends to stay until he gets restless. And he suffers from terminal restlessness. After awhile, you will regret not having multiple personalities to satisfy his insatiable need for novelty. Of course, Gemini’s desire for variety will cause problems in the bedrooms as well.

Virgo, you know how insecure you can be. You’re always worrying that you’re not smart enough, sexy enough, or great looking enough, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a member of Mensa and a Miss Universe contender, you will still worry. So imagine spending a day with your Gemini lover who is getting a stiff neck from constantly looking at the pretty women who pass by. Then imagine making love to him later that night and trying to feel secure and irresistibly sexy. See the problem?

Gemini swears that he just enjoys looking, and that he would never cheat on you. Do you let the subject drop?  No, you don’t even let it bounce!

Finally, your lover accuses you of just being paranoid and walks away, leaving you to reach new heights of paranoia.

So, before you go out and buy different wigs in red, blonde and brunette, and practice different voices to whisper sexy phrases in Gemini’s ear -- all to keep his interest up, so to speak --  ask yourself if this relationship is really worth a total identity crisis.

Of course, if his scintillating Gemini wit and charm are just too difficult to leave, and your Virgo perseverance rises to the challenge, then you will probably do what women have always done and lived to regret-- try to change their lovers.

Two to six months down the road, when your shaken ego finally begs for relief, it will be time to kiss this lover goodbye, if you can find him.





The way he loves: His ruling planet is the fluctuating Moon (which is why he is known as the Moon Child.) It also explains why your lover is ruled by the ebb and flow of his emotions.

At first, this water-sign lover will seem to be heaven-sent, feeding emotional nourishment to your earthy Virgo self, and your relationship will really blossom. But in the same way that too much water can drown a plant, so can the Moon Child’s constant need for love and romantic reassurance begin to feel over the top.

In the blossoming stage, this lover can create sexual magic, because he is so sensitive and giving, catering to your every need. In fact, your Moon Child is so psychic, you won’t even have to tell him what those needs are, or even where and how you love to be touched – he will simply know.

Does he then just roll over and go to sleep, content with having touched every pleasure point in your body? Oh no, the Moon Child will be ready to bring you breakfast in bed, and totally spoil you for any other lover.

However, the distinct difference between his emotionally romantic need of you, and your practical and rational choices, will cause problems to surface, sooner than later.

You see, while you’re responsive to his romantic nature, the Moon Child will do everything to continue creating sexual magic, but when you’re less responsive -- when the romantic meets the rational -- that magic will turn black with his hurt feelings of rejection and sulking.

For instance, he sees walking in the rain together as romantic. You see it as potential pneumonia. You joke that Gene Kelley danced alone in the rain because Debbie Reynolds was probably afraid of catching cold and stayed home. But how can the Moon Child smile, when instead of a warm, romantic walk in the rain, he got a cold shower? You begin to feel annoyeD at his martyred expression and wonder if you need a stronger lover.

If you want the magic to last, then remember, the Moon Child has tofeel your love. The more over-the-top, romantic and unconditional that love is, the better. If you can offer him this kind of total giving, then you will enjoy a blend of water-sensitivity and earthy-sensuality that will be in perennial bloom





The way he loves:  Ruled by the Sun, this fiery lover will sweep you off your feet with a charm that borders on the illegal. Your head will spin, your heart will pound and before all your vital signs return to normal, sex will be dramatic, romantic, passionate and unforgettable.

Leo accomplishes all of this because he understands the power of fantasy. He knows how mundane reality can be, and so he creates a stage where romantic drama can be played out. If he has the funds to finance his imagination, then expect to be treated like the woman Leo swears that you are . . . the woman of his dreams.

You will be showered with flowers and gifts, taken to expensive and romantic restaurants, danced with under the stars, on the deck of a Caribbean cruise ship, and made love to into the wee hours. Even if Leo has less money than imagination, he will still make you feel like the only woman in the world by writing you love poetry, cooking candlelit dinners and serving passionate love for dessert.

However, being a Virgo, reality will soon return and so will your critical nature. It will prove to be the beginning of the end, because Leo feeds on flattery, survives on admiration, thrives on adoration, and has elected himself the life-long President of his own fan club.

Your differences will become clear as you watch how extravagant your lover is with money.  You thought his spending was only for love, but you soon realize that Leo loves buying luxury, pleasure and prestige as much he loves spoiling you.

The divide deepens as you listen to how arrogant your Leo lover becomes when his actions are questioned.  Finally, when you realize that every sentence your lover speaks begins with the pronoun “I” –  total disenchantment sets in. You decide that although he looks healthy, Leo is definitely suffering from being full of himself.

When you try to communicate what is bothering you, Leo begins to feel the cold breeze of your judgmental nature, and loses interest. After all, is it surprising that he finds any woman who criticizes him as sexy as Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire?

So Virgo, press the flowers, save the gifts, and relive the memories. This romantic drama probably won’t have a third act.





The way you both love: Ruled by Mercury the planet of the mind, you both have a talent for discrimination in people, the arts, and thinking . . . plus you share the ability to get your thoughts across in words or in writing.

Sounds promising, doesn’t it? But remember that strengths can turn into weaknesses depending upon when and how they are used.

On the positive end of the spectrum, your talents for discrimination will definitely bring you two Virgos closer together.

For instance, you really bond when going to films  (preferably foreign) and later discussing how the director failed miserably, because naturally, you both read the book and know that he left tout the best part!

However, what happens when your critical natures turn picky, and worse, turns on each other? It can happen at the most unlikely times. For instance, this following dialogue could be spoken by either Virgo lover.

Lover #1  Was that as good for you, love?”

Lover #2 I’m catching my breath.

Lover #1 (smiling) I know, it was incredible.”

Lover #2 No, its that extra weight you put on that was crushing my sternum.”

See the problem?

On the plus side, you both share a love of perfection and that means keeping a well-oiled brain and a fit body. So along with dissecting every foreign film that comes to town, you will no doubt lay out your yoga mats side by side, buy twin Stairmaster workout machines, hike together along mountain trails, cook gourmet  meals together  -- using the veggies from your organic garden, of course – and generally enjoy life as only two health nuts who are crazily in love can do.

Most wonderful about a Virgo to Virgo union, is that you show your love by helping each other reach your potentials. That means that if your Virgo lover is a writer, you will be up late editing and helping him to find a publisher. You will work to support him through medical school, and if he dreams about opening a restaurant, you will research what banks give the best small business loans.

So Virgo, if you can manage to leave criticism with your nightgown – out of reach at the foot of the bed – Virgo with Virgo promises to double the pleasure.





The way he loves: Ruled by Venus, your lover is the essence of charm. He has an elegance about him that will have you giving half your wardrobe to Goodwill, while his vocal appreciation of beauty will inspire French body scrubs and a bonding with your tweezer. Just the right words roll off his tongue to make you feel as desirable as a chocolate cream puff at a Weight Watcher’s meeting.

Virgo, you are definitely delighted with Libra’s appreciation of aesthetics. This lover savors beauty in all its forms, especially the female form, and he constantly seeks the beauty of harmony in a relationship as well.

Actually, your Libra lover is a bit in love with love and, hopefully, you haven’t met him when he’s very young, because there’s always the risk that he will marry too early and meet a much better match later on.

You’re intellectually on the same wave length, because Libra’s keen sense of justice is constantly weighing the pros and cons of a situation, and Virgo, that’s just your kind of intellectual foreplay.

However, there’s one little problem that keeps annoying you, and that’s his seeming inability to make a decision. Libra thinks, he ponders, he weighs, he wonders, and he sits on the fence so long that he risks getting splinters in his posterior

Another not-so-little problem is Libra’s wandering eye. He has a lot in common with Aries when it comes to loving the thrill of the chase. Fortunately for Libra, and unfortunately for you Virgo, there are so many beautiful women in the world who come in all sizes, shapes and colors, that your lover may be constantly winded.

So for awhile, your Libra lover’s romantic charm will deliver its promise and more.  However, when you discover his compliments have also turned the heads of a dozen other women in the last six months,  you will want to discuss the dubious state of your relationship with you lover. That’s when Libra will find your criticisms ugly, the relationship lacking in harmony, and passion will follow him out the door.

You won’t have to weigh the pros and cons of what to do, Virgo. You will decide that your Libra lover has been delightful but superficial,  and you will be thrilled that you saved those body scrub receipts.





The way he loves: Ruled by both Mars and Pluto, this water sign produces a lover whose intense, penetrating sensuality creates a powerful and hypnotic attraction. 

However, Virgo, you will discover that while Scorpio is totally exciting in the bedroom, he is equally frustrating in every other room in the house. In short, loving him is a lot easier than living with him,

Virgo, you’re basically cool and rational, Scorpio is turbulent and emotional. You want to talk. He wants to brood. Believing in your mantra that communication is the solution to all problems, you try to question your lover on what he is feeling. Scorpio welcomes your attempts as he would a federal wire tap. You soon learn that your lover is very secretive, holds his emotional cards close to his vest, and doesn’t communicate personal feelings well, if at all.

This insistence on keeping you out of his private world will awaken your sleeping dragon -- nagging. It doesn’t matter if you do it lovingly, playfully or sweetly. It will have Scorpio seething with resentment. It’s true that Scorpio and Virgo admire each other’s judgments about other people, and how each aim criticism with laser accuracy -- but it’s quite different when Virgo criticism hits home.  Scorpio will seethe louder, and if you don’t understand how intimidating that can be, have you ever seen picturesof Mt. Vesuvius smoking?

So along with your need to talk and his need not to  -- your desire to analyze him and his desire to control you – jealousy may be the final straw that makes this relationship topple. When Scorpio feels insecure, he can find release for his frustration in jealousy and possessiveness.

Since you never play mind games, or flirt with other men when you are in a relationship, you think he’s just being foolish. Think again.  Scorpio’s need for power and control can set the stage for jealousy, even if not provoked.

In the same way, Scorpio’s frustration finds release in excess of all kinds, including being sexually demanding. You’re flattered for awhile (alright, for a long while), but eventually his obsessive behavior will produce the opposite of its desired effect and just create mattress distance between you.

This is a very intense, turbulent lover, who will introduce you to the joys of therapy.





The way he loves: This fire sign, ruled by Jupiter, offers a heavenly blend of intelligence, humor, optimism and a myriad of interests to fascinate you, Virgo. Sagittarius is constantly busy pursuing the meaning of life: discussing ideas, reading books, discovering new philosophies, and you will be by his side every step of the way, loving his mind and spirit.

You will soon love his body as well as his mind, Virgo, because Sagittarius is infinitely adventurous and curious when exploring all facets of sexuality. In the same way that travel with your lover promises new and exotic destinations – new tastes, sounds and sensations – so will your adventures in bed take you to exciting and unchartered territory,

Yes, a love relationship with this free spirit is a once-in-a-lifetime experience – that is until you discover just how free this free spirit can be – then you wonder if once in a lifetime may be one time too many. For starters Virgo, you want financial security. Sagittarius wants tochase the impossible dream, not worry about electricity bills. Virgo you want a one-on-one, up-front-and-personal relationship. Sagittarius wants to feel free. Virgo you call what you want commitment. Sagittarius calls what you want possessiveness.

When disillusion sets in, it will probably begin with an uneasy, queasy feeling of insecurity in your solar plexus, as you follow the roving eye of your lover to its latest blonde destination.

Then you will feel something that you have rarely felt before – the unsettling pangs of outright jealousy!

So even though the relationship is physically and intellectually everything you need, when this scenario repeats itself a few dozen times, you will ask yourself: Do I really want to be this woman who suffers from feelings of chronic insecurity and jealousy?

The answer is a firm, unequivocal, no!

That night in bed, lying in the warmth of your lover’s arms, you ask him just where you stand. Is this a one-on-one, up-front-and-personal relationship, or do you have to take a number and stand in line?

When Sagittarius dodges the question by diving under the covers for the diversion he knows that you love, you realize the relationship is over and you get up to leave.

 After all, no self-respecting Virgo woman is going to take a lack of commitment lying down.





The way he loves: This earth sign is ruled by disciplined Saturn, and you are the cosmic yin to his yang.

Virgo, you express love by helping a partner achieve his dreams, and Capricorn ambitions are big enough to use and appreciate all your talents: commitment, competence, and an ability see a job through from the concept to the Nobel Prize (well, why not dream big?)

You recognize that Capricorn‘s dreams are not pie in the sky, because like you Virgo,  this lover is a pragmatist. He’s always been goal-oriented, and it’s not by chance the astrological symbol for Capricorn is the goat who reaches the top of the mountain, no matter how long it takes. 

Yes, you have yourself a lover whose tenacity is formidable.

So Virgo, you will roll up your sleeves, put on your alchemist’s robes, and help turn Capricorn’s dream into gold. In turn, he will use his mind-boggling focus and discipline to make sure that you realize your own dreams.

But don’t think this relationship is all work and no play – far from it. Your physical attraction to each other will be strong and lasting, and you will discover, to your delight, that Capricorn shows a more vulnerable side of himself in bed, than you ever saw before.

Of course, there are a few human flaws to expect. Wanting perfection in what he accomplishes, your lover is prone to depression, and can fall into moods which no laser beam can penetrate. Just wait it out, because if you pressure or nag Capricorn, it will only blacken the mood. The more understanding and compassionate you are, the quicker the sun will shine again.

Also, be prepared to deal with Capricorn’s admiration for – and desire to possess – status symbols. He can lust after money, position and prestige with the same intensity he lusts after you. In time, your Virgo disdain for all of the above, except his lust for you, of course, should give him a new perspective on what’s valuable in life and what is just glitter.

So Virgo, this can definitely be a partner/love relationship with the potential to complete each other, mentally, emotionally, and sexually the way that you have always wanted . . .  as the ultimate and passionate expression of a deep love.





The way he loves: Ruled by Uranus, the planet of radical change, Aquarius approaches love-making with the originality of a six-fingered banjo player. So Virgo, be prepared to sexually experiment and discover nerve endings you never knew existed.

Compatibility is high because you both appreciate being stimulated mentally as well as physically. However Virgo, even though your relationship with Aquarius seems near to perfection, the problem with perfection is that it doesn’t exist. 

For instance Virgo, you expect your relationship to turn you on mentally, with the exchange of ideas, and with intimate confidences shared over a candle-lit dinners at home, but your lover needs more stimulation from outside sources.

Aquarius is known for his idealism and wanting to change the world. So at the very least, he’s probably working hard researching, arguing with the powers that be, and doing his best to move humanity into the 21st century. Unlike you Virgo, your Aquarius lover is a joiner of clubs and causes, and because his imagination is ignited by other people’s ideas, he knows the value of networking.

So, when you eventually leave the bedroom, you will be less than thrilled how often your lover’s many interests intrude on those intimate dinners you had in mind, and how living with him leaves so little time for loving him.

What’s more, you will discover a trait that really presses your judgmental buttons: Aquarius is very fixed in his opinions.Being a Virgo, who enjoys analyzing her lover a little more than most women enjoy shopping, you see no reason in keeping this insight from Aquarius. After all, isn’t he the one who can benefit most from it? So you share your enlightenment with your lover, fully expecting him to be very appreciative and ready to become un-opinionated at the first opportunity.

Instead, Aquarius returns the favor and shares his own enlightenment: you are too judgmental.

Unfortunately Virgo, when your feelings are hurt, your tongue automatically becomes sharpened, and so you tell your lover that before he changes the world, he should change his underwear more often.

Aquarius suggests you that register your tongue as a lethal weapon.

Finally, because you basically respect each other too much to continue on this downward spiral, you agree to disagree and go your separate ways. He to change the world, and you to find another six-fingered banjo player.





The way he loves:  Ruled by Neptune, this sensitive lover is your polar opposite Virgo, and you each have qualities the other lacks. You are a realist. He is a dreamer. You are analytical.  He is intuitive. You go with your common sense.  He goes with the flow.

What better place to explore your differences than in each other’s arms, where your earthy Virgo sensuality (shown only to initiated lovers), is inspired by the creative imagination of Pisces.

Although Pisces is psychic and sensitive enough to intuitively know what pleases you, sharing your own sexual fantasies with this lover will both free you from Virgo inhibitions (your lifetime desire) and bring you infinitely closer together. 

However, while the world of fantasy will keep you both purring ike contented kittens, life in the real world may have you nipping at each other like aggressive puppies.

It begins when you become annoyed with Pisces lack of practicality and money management skills. Dealing with both will have you wishing that you could install a GPS tracker on his wallet. Then there’s the problem of your lover’s emotional nature needing more bolstering than you ever anticipated.

On the positive side, you need to be needed Virgo, and so when the harshness of life throws Pisces into a funk, it immediately brings out your maternal instinct, and you go to work building up his confidence.

However, after awhile, you wonder if you’re playing more the role of mother than lover, and wish that your Pisces had as strong a  backbone as imagination.

It’s true that Pisces often dreams through life rather than living it, and that he never quite gets the knack of concentrating his energies on the here and now.

Ah, but that wild Pisces imagination is difficult to duplicate in another lover, and it’s even more difficult to imagine life without his compassion and understanding. So you may decide that playing mother, and soothing Pisces when he’s dejected or depressed, is a small price to pay for it all. 

In truth, making love for Pisces is far more than a physical act. He seeks a spiritual experience, that will allow him to transcend reality and enter a state true bliss.  If you have the courage to join him in his sexual/spiritual quest for Nirvana, you may never come down to earth.































































































































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