Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, may someday achieve her goal as our first woman President. Her life certainly has many facets, and here is an astrological view of a more hidden facet . . .  her love life.


Hillary is a Scorpio, the sign in the zodiac that rules sex. A study of her horoscope (together with that of Bill’s) tells us that her sexual nature is far more complex than his. When it comes to sex, Bill Clinton has proven himself to be a fellow who just can’t say no. This trait has gotten him into considerable trouble. However, Hillary’s sexuality is far more subtle. She emanates a strong sexual magnetism that can excite the opposite sex even when someone doesn’t find her that physically attractive. Or even – because anything is possible  -- if he’s Republican!

Venus the planet that describes her love nature, is in Scorpio. The planet of love, expressing itself through this intense sign, contributes to her possessiveness and jealousy. Of course, if a Scorpio woman has a faithful mate who makes her feel secure, these tendencies can be diminished. If not, and man’s jflirtations keep her in a permanent state of insecurity, then a Scorpio woman can bring new meaning to the phrase: hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. 

While Hillary needs intense physical sensations that make the touch of her lover both powerful and magical, a challenging aspect between Venus and Pluto suggest a fear of emotional intimacy. Like many of us, she is someone who can be very active sexually and still fear the emotional vulnerability that comes with a profound relationship. For a woman with this aspect to finally trust her partner, to be touched emotionally, to let her defenses down -- and then have that trust betrayed – is devastating. 

Hillary’s Mars, indicating the type of male sexuality she desires, is in the flamboyant sign of Leo. The focus here is on self-pleasure, and she can be both aggressive and a bit narcissistic when it comes to sex. The last thing she wants is an average sexual experience, and instead she desires – demands --  a performance! So of course, she sought a sexual partner who was generous, extroverted, highly romantic and dramatic.

Does anyone come to mind?

Bill Clinton, born under the theatrical sign of Leo, is all these things to Hillary and more. Their relationship has been exciting and passionate with Mars providing a definite edge. And although it might often resemble the start of World War III -- for a woman with Mars in Leo, frequent battles can often be sexually stimulating. 

Further study of Hillary’s horoscope shows that Neptune, the planet of illusion, is in exact degree to her husband’s Venus.  This gives her a magnetism that has fascinated him from the start. Of course, the downside is that sooner or later, the person who is being hypnotized by their lover’s Neptune wakes to discover the reality behind the illusion. Oh no, he cries, my lover is human after all! The fantasy relationship he thought was stuff that fairytales are made of . . . turns into a pumpkin.  If he isn’t grownup enough to deal with reality, then he’s off seeking other sexual relationships and other illusions.

Now what happens to our passionate and intense Scorpio woman? Can she be deceived? Will what she doesn’t know eventually hurt her? 

Hillary Clinton is probably a better investigator than famed Columbo. Not only does she understand her husband and can anticipate his next move, she probably knows on what day he’ll plan to get away with it.  Her Moon is in the very idealistic and romantic sign of Pisces. While Venus in our horoscope tells us what we want, the Moon tells us what we need. In ultra-sensitive Pisces, Hillary’s inner self doesn’t need passion as much as she needs a spiritual relationship. Betrayal is very, very painful.

She can be deeply hurt, but a Scorpio can also be very vengeful. Hillary knows where a betrayer’s Achilles Hell is located, and when she’s ready to strike back, the Scorpion will go straight for this most vulnerable spot.

In her chart, the aspect between Mars and the powerful planet Pluto, expresses her ambition. She both loves the spotlight and has a strong appetite for power. She may very well attempt to feed that appetite (seconds anyone?) in the next presidential election. At the same time, she’s been forced to pay a high price for the unofficial power she wielded as former First Lady. For a Scorpio who relishes her privacy, and her secrets, the public humiliation she suffered must have been torturous. Especially since her Mars/Pluto aspect makes her despise being the object of ridicule. 

So Scorpio will bide her time, the hurt will simmer, the betrayal will smolder and then . . . watch out!  The 2008 election may not have delivered the prize to Hillary that she has wanted for so long. But she did not walk away empty handed. Now with new recognition and power,  we will see if she continues to stand by her man.

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