In the zodiac, the 1st house is ruled by Aries, whose motto is: I am.



 The beginning of your 1st house marks the degree that was rising above the horizon at the moment

of your birth. This point is called the Ascendant or Rising and tells quite a lot about what you look like,

and the way in which you view the world.

Note: you must know the time of your birth to know your Ascendant.

The astrological sign on this house gives people their first impression of you. In fact, this is the face

you want the world to see. However, dependent upon your complete horoscope, what people see when

first meeting you, and is not necessarily what they get.


What face do you show the world? A dynamic Leo . . .  a mystical Pisces . . .  a gregarious Gemini?


Also, pay special attention to the planets found in your horoscope’s 1st house, because they

represent needs that must find expression through the sign of your Ascendant.


#1, the planets (and their needs) are what is happening. For instance, Mars in the first has a need

to do, to be on-hands active and aggressive. In short, to have its way.


 #2, The sign on the cusp of the house is how it is happening -- how that aggressive Martian energy is

being expressed For instance,watch out if  fiery Mars is in the fire sign Leo -- this person will be a

powerhouse, but Mars will be less able to express its fiery energy in the water sign Cancer.


#3, The house in which Mars is found, is where it is happening. There are 12 houses, each

representing a different part of your life:  In the 2nd house ruling finances, Mars would reflect a

very aggressive approach to getting money. However, in the 7th house, where communication in

relationships is so important, "Me-first" Mars, with its fiery temper, might need to learn the art

of compromise.


And so it goes with different planets, different, signs and different challenges.


Most important, in order to undertstand how your Ascendant impacts every area of your life, an

analysis of your whole chart is needed: the the planets, the signs, and the myriad of aspects -- only

as a whole can we see the full picture of your fascinating self!


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