In the zodiac, the 10th house is ruled by Capricorn, whose motto is: I achieve.



The 10th house is tied to your career, and reputation before the public. It also represents your father.

As for your career, it's true that many people are not at all interested in "making a name

for themselves. They are content to keep a lower profile in life. However, if you are interested

in making your mark, then look to your 10th house (which is known as the Midheaven in the

zodiac) and the planets there (or lack of them) plus the challenging aspects they make to other

planets. That will tell the story of whether you may find yourself being interviewed on television

at some time in your life.


Whatever planet is in the 10th house, it is "elevated" and that makes it very important. If you

see Mercury in the 10th houaw, you are a born communicator, and may possible find yourself in a

profession of journalism, teaching, counselor, and so on.


With Venus in the 10th house, the path is open to success and prestige before the public, it's

as good as having your Uncle Ted being the CEO of the company that's interviewing you for

a job.


Saturn, the natural ruler of Capricorn, exercises formable power here, but advises that ego must be

controlled, and humility must be encouraged, or else there may be a rise to the top in a profession,

followed by a fall that can ruin a reputation.  


Uranus, the planet of surprises in the 10th, (which I have in my chart) indicates the non-conformist

who prefers to work outside the mainstream boardrooms, and indicates someone who might well

turn out to be an Astrologer. 


Remember always that whatever planets you have in your 10th house, they tell only part of the story

concerning your careed and professional reputation. It takes youe total chart, with its signs, houses,

and myriad of aspects that tell the whole fascinating story of what you do.

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