In the zodiac, the 11th house is ruled by Aquarius, whose motto is: I know.



The 11th house is tied to friendships, clubs and organizations, long-term goals, hopes,

dreams and objectives.


This is the house that describes the types of friendships we have, and how important our friends

are to us. Are they once in awhile aquaintences. or are they more like an extended


This is also the house that tells about our desires and abilities to join clubs and be 

a part of a bigger cause, and group effort. 


With the softer planets in this house, you may reach out to friends, loving to be a part

of what they're doing, because Venus is there, and reflects your need to be a part of the

group, of the greater whole.


Mercury reflects your need to communicate, and with this planet in your 11th,

you might play an important role in any group, getting group activities done via phone, cell,

computer or Ipad. Actually, besides friendships, the 11th house rules computers, along with

ballots, galaxies, humanitarian causes and gains that comes as complete and sudden



Now with Saturn in the 11th house, with difficult aspects, you may find yourself

confronting challenging relationships, but then, wherever Saturn falls in your horoscope,

be prepared to learn a few important lessons from this planet of Karma (perhaps a

lesson you didn't learn in your previous life!) and you will be tested once again.


If Uranus, the planet of surprises, is in your 11th house, then changes of goals happen

frequently, and a friend may be the catalyst for this sudden change. In fact, with challenging

aspects to Uranus, you may find friendships disappear and leave the stage of your life



The Sun in the 11th house sees many goals and objectives realized through friendships (ah, it

pays to network!) and with Neptune in the 11th house, then be careful about the choice of friends –

Neptune can bring deception, and there is a need be discriminating in friendships. 


Remember, that planets in the 11th house are only a clue as to your friendships and your long

terms goals and dreams. Only your total horoscope, and the myriad of aspects it holds, gives

your true and fascinating story.

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