House 12



In the zodiac, the 12th house is ruled by Pisces, whose motto is: I imagine.




This house used to be feared in less enlightened times,  because it rules everything

that is hidden, hospitals, mental hospitals, prisons and institutions of every kind.

Moreover, any planet in the 12th house was thought to forecast bad, evil happenings.

Happily, Dane Rudhyar, the famed modern astrologer, shed light on this house and cast

away superstitions, proclaiming: There are no bad houses!"


Actually, shedding light on dark places in our psyche, is what the 12th house

is all about. Because the the 12th is tied to subconscious attitudes from the past,

Karma, and most importantly, what we tend to hide from others and very often

from ourselves. . .only digging into the depths of our subconscious, and shedding

light on all that is hidden there can we begin healing.


An astrological reading of the planets in your 12th house can discover hidden treasures:

For instance, Venus in the 12th suggests pleasure is tied to that which is hidden, perhaps

a secret love affair. Is Jupiter in your 12th? Then you have a planet that acts as your

Guardian Angel, and brings unseen assistance. Neptune is the natural ruler of this house,

and there is a desire and striving for spirituality which is an escape upwards. . .away from

the pressures and stresses of reality, towards a more divine dimension.


Remember, what planets are in the 12th house give only a clue as to what is hidden beneath your

conscious mind. It is the total chart and the aspects between all the planets that tell your whole

fascinating story.


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