In the zodiac, the 2nd house is ruled by Taurus, whose motto is: I have.




The 2nd house is tied to possessions . . . your financial standing and resources. It represents what you

own in both money and possessions, how you go about getting them, and your attitude towards them.

So the 2nd house is the home of your strongest desires.


The planets in this house are all important in determining your financial potential.


The Sun in the 2nd house reflects a your desire for power and to attract finances. With this strong desire

for material success, there is also a persistence in getting  it. This focused energy, backed by action,

usually spells success.


However, wherever Saturn in placed in your chart, there are restrictions and tests (this is the planet

of Karma). Therefore, there are lessons to be learned about materialism, what your values are,

and how well you share your resources.


Neptune in the 2nd house can dissolve material resources if afflicted. There are standards of honest

to be met in finances, especially when dealing with other people's money. There is the possibility

of self-deception regarding finances, or suffering deception from others. 


The planets alone, give only clues to your 2nd house -- it is through analyzing your signs, planets,

and myriad of aspects that you have a full and fascinating picture of how you attract, savor and

spend your resources.





For instance, Jupiter in the 2nd house may attract money and opportunities to make more of it. While Saturn in the 2nd house does not mean you won’t find financial successful in your lifetime, you may have to work harder to achieve it. Venus, the natural ruler of Taurus, is right at home in the 2nd house and can draw money without lifting an elbow. When Neptune appears in the 2nd house, be very careful in all your financial dealings, because this planet may obscure your better judgment and you may have to watch out for self-deception in money matters.


Of course, what planets in your second house are only clues . . . only the beginning of astrology’s exploration of your financial potential. It is the total chart and the aspects between all the planets that tell the rest of the story.

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