In the zodiac, the 3rd house is ruled by Gemini, whose motto is: I think.



The 3rd house rules communications of all kinds, including everything from love messages and relating news,

to the type of creative writing that may produce novels or journalism. it is tied to your intellect, early

environment, including your brothers. sisters, and early education. Also, short distance journeys

(as opposed to the long distance travel of the 9th house),


The Sun in the third house, if not afflicted, reflects a happy childhood. It will lends its warmth to your

relationships with siblings. This is the house of communication, and with the Sun here, you have the

talent to be a writer, a teacher, a communicator of all kinds.


With Mars in this house, all aspects in the chart will have to be considered, because impulsiveness

can cause mishaps in rash thinking and accidents in short journeys. Caution in both is highly



Uranus in the 3rd house reflects an independent spirit that can run into difficulties with authorities

(Mom and Dad included) in early life. If badly aspected, the person with Uranus in the 3rd, can feel

like an outsider at home, the black sheep, and someone who will begin an independent life at an

early age.


As usual, only by analyzing your complete chart, with all its signs, planets, and myriad of aspects

can we understand the fascinating picture of how the 3rd house impacts your life.






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