In the zodiac, the 4th house is ruled by Cancer, whose motto is: I feel.


The 4th house is tied to your domestic environment and describes your home, and to a great degree,

your mother and the end of your life.


Astrologers differ on whether the 4th house describes the mother and the 10th house the father, or

whether the 4th house describes least prominent parent in your life. If your mother was

“boss” then she will be represented by the 10th house.


So, the 4th house is your base of operations- in the outer world, your home. In your inner world,

your soul.


Venus in the 4th house creates harmony, and usually a loving and strong bond with your mother.

If well-aspected, you find harmony in your home. You make it as beautiful as possible, because

it is your haven and escape from the world. Venus here suggests the latter part of your life will be

comfortable, filled with peace and the people you love.


Mars in the 4th house suggests arguments and tensions in your home, and there is apt to be

a dominating Mother as well.


Uranus in the 4th house reflects a life of packed suitcases and rarely staying in a home long

enough to live out the lease. This person not domestically inclined (unless the rest of the

chart tells a different story) and restlessness causes many changes and unstable conditions,


As always, we must realize that only by analyzing your whole chart, and by understanding its

signs, planets and myriad of aspects, can we know the full fascinating picture of what and

where you call home.


What planets are in the 4th house give only a clue to your home life and to  your mother.

It is the total chart and the aspects between all the planets that tell the whole story.

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