The 5th house in the zodiac is ruled by Leo, whose motto is: I will.



The 5th house is tied to love affairs, gambling, creativity and children. It is also the house

of self-expression, and people with an active fifth house, may produce creative offsprings of the mind

 as well as -- or in place of --  those of the body: in painting, writing, music and any creation

that marks your individuality.


So the 5th house is all about the love you give to the people and the passions in your life. Do you

give your all? Do you hold back?


With Venus in the 5th, your creativity is easily expressed, love affairs usually bring happiness

(unless badly aspected) and there are great benefits from children of both the mind and body.


However, Saturn in the 5th house tells another story. The planet of Karma brings more lessons

where loving is concerned (and being loving). There are inhibitions expressing creativity and in

being spontaneous. There may be a denial of children, or the person will have children later in life.

Either way, hard lessons which result in soul growth, is the result of Saturn in the 5th - but of

course, wherever Saturn is placed in our charts, we have to be open to learning what lessons

are being given to us.


With generous Jupiter in the 5th house, there is great joy through creative offspring and children

as well. There also gain through speculation - gambling rules the 5th house.


While the Sun is in its element here, and heightens the need for self-expression, the Moon in the

5th house indicates a caring parent, but one who may smother you (as child or adult)  with too much

closeness and emotional need.


So, you see, only analyzing your full chart, and studying its 12 signs, houses, myriad of planets

and aspects, can give a full and fascinating picture of how you receive and give love.


Remember, what planets are in the 5th house give only a clue to your creativity and the children of your mind or body. It is the total chart and the aspects between all the planets that tell the whole story.

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The 5th House also includes SPORTS and other physical activities as well.