In the zodiac, the 7th house is ruled by Libra, whose motto is: I balance.



The 7th house is tied to your relationships, personal in romance and marriage, and professional in

partnerships of all kinds. 


It is believed that the sign on the cusp of the 7th house gives an indication of the type of personality

you will encounter in a partner.  The planets within the house speak of the needs you have in a

relationship. For instance . . .


Saturn in the 7th house often suggests an older person and the need for less selfishness and more

cooperation. Saturn, wherever it is placed in your horoscope, speaks of Karmic lessons to be learned.

So here, in the house of romance, you will go through many trials learning to be less self-centered;

giving freely of yourself, your time, your resources and, of course, your love.


Venus, is perfectly at home here since she the natural ruler of Libra, the sign that is on the 7th house

in the zodiac. With Venus, you will be more loving, attracting the opposite sex (or the same sex, whatever

your preference), and there will be many opportunities for romantic relationships.


On the other hand, Mars in the 7th house puts up a red flag and cautions not to marry too young

or too hastily. Mars reflects the passion in your relationships, but can also trigger impulsive arguments

and you will have to learn patience and compromise.


Uranus in the 7th house is a red flag of a difference kind. It's difficult for you to sustain a relationship,

and it will be vulnerable to sudden upsets. When Uranus first transits someone's 7th house, it can bring

a love relationship into their life. However, unless it is very, very strong, it will not survive when Uranus

leaves 6 1/2 years later. 


Remember always that planets in the 7th house give only a clue to your relationships. It is the total chart

and the myriad aspects between all the planets that must be analyzed, for only they tell the whole

fascinating story of your love and professional relationships.

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