In the zodiac, the 8th house is ruled by Scorpio, whose motto is: I create.




The 8th house is tied to death, which is represented in the above picture by Katrina, the lady

who always makes an appearance during Day Of The Dead in Mexico.


This house is also tied to sex, psychic dimensions and inheritances of all kinds. From winning

the lottery and financial inheritance, to insurance settlements. It also rules the resources and

finances of marriage partner.


While the 8th house rules death in a very real way; the passing of someone from this life

into the next, it can also mean the death of something less human, perhaps the death of

a partnership, or even the hope of an inheritance, etc. Whenever the loss will occur, is indicated

by analyzing transits and progessions that impact the 8th house.


Mars and Pluto both rule Scorpio (the sign on the 8th house in the zodiac), and so both planets

are in their elements in the 8th house. Both also lend their tremendous energy and voracious

appetites. Remember, this is the house of sex, and so those appetites need to be controlled, modulated

and refined. 


Jupiter indicates receiving money through inheritance or through a partner, or perhaps it's even that

lottery ticket, or the long shot you take at the races, that may pay off in an unexpected and very big 



Uranus suggests psychic ability and the need to carefully consider all partnerships.


The Sun in this house indicates that at some point in your life, there will be involvement in

inheritances and wills, perhaps being named Executor of an estate.


Remember always that planets in the 8th house give only a clue as to how sex, death and other

people’s money will manifest in your life. It is the total chart, with its myriad of aspects between

all the planets, that tell the whole fascinating story of sex, death and other people's money in

your life.

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