In the zodiac, the 9th house is ruled by Sagittarius, whose motto is: I see.



The 9th house is tied to philosophy, higher education, philosophy, long-distance, journeys,

publiahinF, expanded mental and spiritual horizons. All pursuits that expand our minds,

deepen our spiritual awareness, and enrich our lives.


With planets in your 9th house, you will probably have a sense of adventure, an avid

curiosity about other cultures, and so you will travel a lot in life, and you may even

become an ex-patriot, finding your home and happiness in another country.


However, there are other ways to travel besides planes, ships and trains . . .there

is travel of the mind, and here we find people who love books, and let reading

transport them to other lands and cultures.


If you have Jupiter in the 9th house, the ruling planet of Sagittarius (which is the natural

sign on this house in the zodiac), there is a strong interest in religion (if not practice) and

exploration of many philosophies.


Uranus in the 9th house brings unusual journeys and unorthodox experiences of all kinds. Here is

someone with an enquiring mind whose avid curiosity lasts for a lifetime. There will undoubtedly be

an interest in metaphysical studies, including astrology.


The Moon in the 9th house will also bring much travel -- of a metaphysical kind as well as of a

physical nature.


Remember always that planets in your 9th house give only a clue to your desire for education,travel or

aspiration for higher education. It is only by analyzing your total chart, with its planets, and myriad of

aspects between the planets, that tell your whole fascinating story.

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