Why do you have to be first in line? Why do you have to win every argument? Why if you have five dollars do you give away six? Why do you need flattery like a plant needs chlorophyll? 

If you ask a Leo that question, don’t expect an answer. After all, did Marie Antoinette or Louie 1V explain themselves to the peasants?

Ruled by the glorious Sun, with the royal lion as your symbol, you are abundantly creative, forever giving of yourself and your talents. Leo rules the heart and yours is a storehouse of love, loyalty and a courage that lets you believe in yourself and in others . . . to the point where you often manifest the impossible.

But all your love and giving comes with a stiff price. You might not commit gluttony, lust, anger, greed, pride, envy or sloth more than we other folks (which is at least twice a day and three times on weekends), but you have created your own deadly sins, the desires to rule a relationship and to possess the other person.

Yes, you must give your partner (or child) room in which to breathe, in which to be their own person. Instead of demanding rule over someone’s thoughts and actions, take your own ego in hand. Never forget that if you let your ego fool you into believing that anyone should bow to your royal wishes, you might find yourself living the myth of Icarus, who forgot the Sun can scorch as well as create . . .

. . . in short, your ego might get fatally burned.

Leo makes everything bigger than life, theatrical and dramatic, in truth, don’t you often see your life as a Hollywood production in which you are the hero or heroine? How often do your dreams contain celebrity figures, and you wake up from an unforgettable evening with Madonna or Brad Pitt?

All the world’s a stage for you Leo, and you can star in your show to sensational reviews . . . if you just remember to share your spotlight with the supporting players.



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Leos are also a force to be reckoned with and have lots of power and strength.