What you do often drives you even crazier than it does your friends, lovers, mom, dad, sisters, brother, grandparents, assorted strangers and the family Shitzu! So why do you put off making decision, weighing different possibilities ad infinitum, and then going over and over the pros and cons, ad nauseum, until it threatens to take your present lifetime, and possibly the next one to decide! 

But Libra, you know that you’re just trying to balance life and achieve as much harmony as possible. After all, your astrological symbol is the balance scales. If someone rushes you, you might be thrown off balance and risk falling flat on your aspirations.

Your sign rules the seventh house of relationships and Libra, blessed as you are with a myriad of talents, you have what it takes to be anybody’s better half. You bring to a relationship the ability to see both sides of a problem. Now this very advantage can drive you and your partner crazy if you don’t climb down from sitting on the fence, pull the splinters from your backside, and decide which side you want to stand on. However, I admit, another talent of yours works against you.

You often like to be liked so much that you give in, compromise what you really believe, and go along to get along. But you can dare honest communication because you were born with a silver tongue in your mouth. As a consummate diplomat, unlike our Scorpio friends who can decimate someone with an adjective, you never draw blood in communication. 

Perhaps you have Venus to thank for this. As your personal ruler, not only do you love the beauty of the arts, but the beauty of harmony in a relationship, and you will sacrifice more than most people to keep it. Just don’t be too selfless Libra, when you risk sacrificing your own Sense of Self those balance scales are tipped too far.



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