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In my first book Erotic Astrology: About Him For Her, I guided lovers in the art of seduction, surely one of life’s most memorable adventures.

Now I assume that you and your lover have been joyfully seduced, that you are committed to each other (legally or otherwise) and that you are now ready to embark on your second great adventure: living together.

Make no mistake – this second journey is a lot more dangerous than the first. It promises emotional risks, hairpin turns of temper, and perilous currents of jealousy – emotions you might never suspect of that calm and together person you see in the mirror. One minute you will scale great heights of passion, only to lose your footing and plunge into the darkness of second thoughts. 

But ah, the heights! Those moments of euphoria when not just your bodies but your hearts and minds merge. When compassion and love flow between you; when you search for words, trying to express what’s in your heart, and your lover whispers: “I know.” The communion between you is silent and complete. Once those sweet rewards are tasted, the thought of a solitary life seems as appealing as a starvation diet.

However, just as seduction is an art, so is living together. Now I don’t mean relationships of convenience. We all know couples who stick it out in order not to be alone. They end up like the Odd Couple, barely tolerating each other, and paying for it with strange rashes and hard to diagnose stomach problems. No, what I am talking about is realizing the union we all dream about – when the passion between lovers grows into a deep bond. However, it’s the nitty gritty and the everyday give and take that is our greatest teacher – as we learn to grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually with patience and love. Yes, the road to a perfect union may be uphill, but don’t worry . . . with a little astrological push, you’ll make it just fine.

Heaven Only Knows!

Astrology helps you to understand the multifaceted being you love, whose underwear is decorating your bathroom as we speak! Too often we wake from the honeymoon in shock. Where did that nasty temper come from? Tight-fisted with money? No imagination in bed? This cannot be my perfect lover with whom I signed a two-year lease!

Fortunately, astrology can provide insight into the full spectrum of your lover’s soul. By knowing his or her birth date, you can understand the Sun sign and the planetary energies that rule it. The magnificent sun represents the ego and his or her need to individuate, to be their own person. Add to that the solar need for creativity, self-expression and a positive self-image.

It’s important to realize that we’re either evolved souls or still – so to speak – in karmic kindergarten. So perhaps you will find a mature lover “on the path” between these two points, or get really lucky, and meet someone who’s been around the cosmos a few times in various incarnations. These are the lovers who are in the “graduate school” of life, and they hold the brass ring on life’s merry-go-round: real honest to goodness adults, who know how to compromise, and are able to accept the responsibilities that come with a relationship. Hopefully, you too are already grown up and perceptive enough to spot a lover who’s lurking at the other end of the spectrum -- the kindergarten class. Watch out, because there are many “ baby lovers” there posing as grownups. They manage to wreak havoc in a relationship with their infantile needs that turn love into a soap opera of whine and roses!

And so Love After Sex is about the emotional problems you might encounter with your lover, but remember, they can be minimized (even eliminated) with a mature soul mate who wants to keep learning and growing.

There’s more of you to love than your Sun sign!

Love After Sex also provides charts so that you can locate your lover’s Moon sign. While the Sun is termed masculine in astrology and represents the father, so the Moon is the feminine counterpart and signifies the mother – the lunar yin to the solar yang. The Moon speaks of our most innermost feelings and how giving we are when it comes nurturing our lovers.

The whole astrological picture is quite complex, and the Ascendant or Rising Sign is an important part of it. Only by knowing the exact time of birth can we discover the rising sign placed in the horoscope’s first house – representing the “face” we show to the world, and confirming that what you see is not necessarily what you get. The Rising sign also determines to a great extent, one’s health and physical appearance.

After reading Love After Sex you may say, “Wait a minute! My Cancer lovers personality really fits the Capricorn profile.” Once you have your lover’s personal horoscope in hand, you may discover that his or her Rising Sign is indeed Capricorn.

Add to this astrological puzzle the exact placements and aspects of all the other planets in the heavens, and just imagine the endless configurations, the fascinating possibilities.

Astrology is a never-ending adventure of discovery – just like love.

What was that you didn’t say?

Communication is what this book is all about. It’s the biggest stumbling block on that uphill climb to a great relationship. When things are running smoothly, it’s easy to communicate: long talks in bed and delicious whispered secrets. It’s your lover’s shoulder you cry on; it’s his or her voice you long to hear when you’re apart. But! When arguments happen and hurt raises its wounded head, you’d rather die (or least lie!) than admit how crushed you are. Pride elbows in between you, and it becomes impossible to confess how insecure you feel. Important words go unheard. The deepest feelings are never expressed. 

Most of us have little experience communicating during an argument without angry attacks. Often we simply shut down and close off our emotional connections to stew in the sour juice of hurt feelings. The other person isn’t a mind reader and can only react negatively to the arctic drafts. A typical reaction (unspoken or not) is: “Oh, so you’re not talking? Well two can play that game.” And suddenly, two are silent and frustrated. each nursing self-righteous indignation and waiting, just waiting. to be approached, to feel the touch of a hand, to have it all made right again.

Unless this silent hurt and again can express itself, they can slowly undermine the foundations of love and trust.

What lies at the bottom of it all? What underlying tensions are never brought into the light? I call them the Triple Headed Hydra: Sex, Money and Power. No matter how deeply in love or personally enlightened you are, at some point in your adventure of living together, you will encounter this nasty beast. I am here to help you discover its hiding places and off with its heads!

So lets begin our journey through the twelve signs of the zodiac to see how each of us approaches a long-term commitment . . . the challenges of love, sex and relationships. I hope that  when you get to the last page of Love After Sex, it will be time for a new beginning. You will be able to return to your own relationship revitalized and a lot wiser, with a new sense of who you are . . . and who it is you really love.



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