What is the difference between someone who makes a wish upon a star and puts their dreams in the hands of fate, and someone who reaches for the stars and creates her own billion dollar cosmic fantasy?

The answer is Oprah.


She came from nothing and became everything: a global celebrity, media mogul, philanthropist and the first African-American woman billionaire. But how did she do it? What personal assets helped her to climb to the top and what weaknesses did she have to battle every step of the way? 

Only heaven knows!

First it’s important to right a misconception: a horoscope is not destiny. It is a “ freeze frame” of the heavens at the moment of birth – a blueprint revealing strengths, talents, weaknesses and potential. However, character is destiny, and if we work to overcome our weaknesses, and strengthen our character, we can consciously alter our destiny. As Oprah herself said:

“The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.”

Now analyzing an astrological horoscope is serious business, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. So lets imagine the twelve houses of the zodiac as Oprah’s twelve-room estate. Each room represents a different aspect of her life: money, friends, love, career, family, sex, etc., and the twelve signs of the zodiac, Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc., create the theme party going on in each room.  Who are the guests? Well, they’re the planets! Ten cosmic party goers with very unique personalities, hanging out in different rooms. How these planetary energies relate to each other and whether or not they crash the party is what astrology is all about.

So, are you ready to party?

Oprah’s Room #1 (The personal Self & outlook on life)

And there’s actually a double theme party going on.

Philosophical, spiritual and travel-loving Sagittarius has created an uplifting room, strung with colorful Tibetan prayer flags, and “A Course on Miracles” lecture is scheduled for eight o’clock. However, ambitious and disciplined Capricorn means there’s a cover charge and a slide show on venture capitalism at nine! These are the two very different faces that Oprah shows the world, and they are also how she sees the world. When her success driven Capricorn perfectionism dumps her in the dumps, it’s the optimism and faith of Sagittarius that sends a spiritual tow truck. Despite all this entertainment, however, there are no party-goers in Room #1 (could be those yak butter hors d’oeuvres!). 

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