Olivia's very profound, illuminating and esoterically sensitive astrological analyses are, 
without a shadow of a doubt, the creme de la creme in the world of personal horoscope readings today.
She provides a scope, depth and, internal 
consistency from birth to bedroom and beyond, that is unsurpassed. 

                                                                                         - Reinhold Tajovsky, Wisconsin


Welcome to the fascinating world of astrology!

You are so much more than just your sun sign. A personal Astro-Profile will be a revelation, helping you understand yourself and your potential in new ways. 

By studying the horoscope of the most important people in your life, you may discover that you never saw them before with such clarity, objectivity and compassion.

Finally, a comparison chart will allow you to examine the energies inherent in your relationships -- the strengths and dangers, love and karma that have pulled you two together in this lifetime; as lovers, friends, spouses, or relatives. 






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I have been reading my new chart with a big fascination, and it really resonates with me and my current situation. It’s very inspiring! I am already recommending  you to my family and friends to make the same experience, Thank you very much Olivia :) 

- Susan Sherif
Copenhagen, Denmark


For my 30th birthday I gave myself a remarkable gift - the opportunity to understand the many nuances of my personality and to look look clearly at the many transitions I have recently experienced. This chart is so clearly me it is kind of wild. It explains so much of what appears to be contradictory in my personality and in doing so it is helping me to be more compassionate to myself.

- Mariko Fayre
Portland, Oregon


Your insights are crystal clear Olivia. Thanks for being so positive and constructive with the information. Reading my astro-profile feels like I'm seeing light at the end of a long tunnel. Thanks for the clarifications.

- Miklos Farkas


First of all I just need to say that Olivia is AMAZING!  The compatibility chart she did for me was accurate in ways I didn't think possible.  Her analysis was DEAD ON ... some parts were absolutely jaw dropping.  Olivia is extremely compassionate, and talked with me and offered advice even after my chart was already done.  Any time I have ever had a question she always gets back to me immediately ... even when it doesn't benefit her at all.  I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND having Olivia do a chart for you...you won't be disappointed!

- Sali Hochberg, Wisconsin


Olivia is a sharp and skilled astrologer, going right to the heart of it.  I use the word heart because with every interpretation, she sees with sharp clarity but also with wisdom and love.  Very helpful in seeing the pressure places in my chart but also the dazzling diamond.  Good work! I hope this help others find you. Thanks, Olivia.

- Nancy Stapp, New Mexico


The first time I contacted Olivia, I was ‘skeptical’ and had my ‘doubts’ about astrology. My daughter was involved in a motorcycle accident and to my surprise, Olivia saw the potential of that happening and  described her character to a "T". I couldn't  believe what I was reading, it was like a book about her. To this day, I am speechless and do believe in this beautiful gift of hers. Thank you Olivia. 

- Lorraine Suess, Canada 


My Dear Olivia, it has been an adventure reading my chart -- you are a very but very good astrologer. As you said, I have to do it slow and step by step... I sensed instantly that it was going to be different from other charts I have. Thank you!

- Nora Garcia de Ochoa


I think my reading by Olivia was absolutely amazing and it made a believer out of me. I was really skeptical about astrology, but after I read it I totally changed my thinking, it was so dead on. There was nothing in it that wasn’t true, and it even made me laugh, because there were things that I knew about myself but didn’t want to admit. It nailed me.

-Patti Burton, Taos, NM


Thanks, Olivia, wonderful work on my chart, it has been extremely helpful and insightful. I highly recommend it to everyone to do....

-Beth Meyers, St. Augustine, FL


Olivia has a unique insight that I think can only come from an innate ability - it can’t really be learned. At least, I couldn’t learn it! She clearly knows her business, but more importantly, I felt she really cared about helping me and was using her insight . . . even, it seemed, a certain psychic ability. The chart she gave me was done with a lot of consideration and was definitely fairly priced! Thank you Olivia!

-Elizabeth Victor, Asheville, NC



All Astro-Profiles are emailed in PDF Format


★ Basic Adult Profile (Computer): $25

This is a computer profile generated from a program written by Olivia. 

(All other profiles are individually analyzed and written personally for you by Olivia).

This basic profile is a great introduction to your horoscope and your astrological self. It describes your Ascendant, Sun and Moon, and further analyzes the individual planets: Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, their planetary placement in your horoscope, and their aspects which create both blessings and challenges.


You will gain valuable insight into . . .

★  Your talents and creative potential

★  Your strengths and weaknesses

★  Your needs in love . . . intellectually, emotionally and sexually

★  How you can best realize your potential, personally and within a relationship


★ Adult Profile (Personally Analyzed): $75

This profile highlights your love nature and relationships, and is personally analyzed and written by Olivia. It synthesizes all the planets and aspects in your chart to understand how their energies work together to impact your love life. It concentrates on your Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus, and how these planets affect the relationships that are most meaningful to you. 

You will gain valuable insight into . . .

★  Your love nature

★  Your sexual desires

★  Your needs in love . . . intellectually, emotionally and sexually

★  What challenges confront you in a relationship

★  What qualities you need in a partner to help you realize your full potential

★ Extended Adult Profile (Personally Analyzed): $135


The ongoing interaction of all these elements form the complete planetary portrait . . . creating your unique life experiences. This profile will further help you understand your past choices, and make more informed, insightful choices in the future.

You will gain valuable insight into . . .

 Your personality and character

 Your strengths and weaknesses

 Your talents and career potential

 Your love nature

 Your sexual drives

 The type of partner you need

 Your health

 Your relationships with your family

 Your subconscious drives


Written with insight, humor and compassion.

A six month forecast of planetary transits and their impact on your life is included.


 ★ Adult Comparison Chart (Personally Analyzed): $200


Is there someone in your life you would like to know better? Could the relationship between you be improved?

This comparison astro-profile begins with an analysis of the two Ascendants --the sign rising at the moment of birth -- which describes the personality traits. It further analyzes the two horoscopes and the dynamics between their planets, houses and aspects. 


You will gain insight into . . .

 How you are most compatible

 How you both express your feelings

 What personality traits may clash

 The different ways you solve problems

 The potential for sexual compatibility

 How to use your strengths to enhance the relationship?



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