“Come down to earth” your friends and family have been heard to say to you. Other familiar comments might be:  Get Real!  Stop living in a dream world! But they just don’t understand that you, Pisces, have a long term lease on your castle in the sky and you are content to stay there. After all, what’s so great about reality, anyway?

The need for a place where you can escape, far enough away where you can tune out the world and create your own magic reality is very important. Usually you find this quiet place in your own mind, your own imagination. Unlike people who fear being alone, you require solitude – both physical and mental -- in order to get in touch with your feelings and ground yourself. Otherwise, you feel like the two fish of your astrological symbol who are trying to swim in opposite directions. 

Your ruling planet Neptune is the force behind your dreaming and sometimes, to the astonishment of all the nay sayers, you make your dreams come true. If it wasn’t for you Pisces, the world would have less magic and less fascinating illusion. However, to be fair, Neptune can also be the cosmic culprit behind a lot of disillusion you suffer.

Sometimes, Neptune just seems to obscure the reality of things, fogs your objectivity, and you learn that you must think twice  before acting. This is especially important for you Pisces, because you have a selfless quality that is both inspirational and hazardous. It makes it all the more important to think and think again before acting on your desire to sacrifice yourself. The sacrifice might be to something or someone, and it all seems poetic and noble at the time, but how many times have you lived to regret it?

So use the earth sign energies in your chart to ground your thinking before making those all-important decisions. 

There is no sign more creative, but so often your creative dreams are locked in that castle in the sky and never see the light of day. So tell me Pisces, when are you going to bring them down to earth? When you are able to merge the power of your imagination with real  action you will become a practical idealist – turning creative thought into beautiful reality.



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