What exactly is a polar opposite? Well, think of the earth’s two magnetic poles which are so far apart they may as well be in different worlds. In the same way, when you meet your polar opposite (the sign in the zodiac opposing your own Sun sign ), you might think “what planet is this person from?” that’s how different your styles, tastes and views can be.  However, the differences can draw you like a magnet, and so you become intrigued, attracted, and. . . well, you know the rest!   



For example, if yours is the fire sign Aries, full of energy, impulse, and wanting your own way, your polar opposite, Libra, whose smooth charm lit your fire from the start, may begin to get on your nerves because of the constantLibra need for compromise and harmony. In the same way, Libra may begin to despair of ever achieving peace and harmony in the action-packed world of Aries.

However, even though Gerald O’Hara instructed Scarlett, “Like marries like,” a union between polar opposites, although more of a challenge, can still turn out happily ever after, because each sign has qualities its opposite lacks.

Think about it, if you commit yourself to someone exactly like yourself, how much will you be learning and growing as a person? Yes, a carbon copy of you will whisper comforting phrases such as: “I know exactly how you feel.” But what if your lover feels differently? By understanding your opposite’s feelings, it may actually deepen your own compassion. broaden your understanding and,  it might it even make you feel differently than you did in the first place!

So if you commit to a relationship with your polar opposite, you will both

learn from each other. By helping a partner cultivate the positive qualities you have and they lack, he or she will become more complete and fulfilled as a person. Of course, this love fest is never one-sided, because you will get as good as you give.

Read now about your polar opposite, and the qualities that he or she has to offer you.  Then the next time you, as a romantic, leading-with-your-heart Pisces, get turned on by a practical, discriminating Virgo, or as an ambitious Capricorn, you’re drawn to a home-loving Cancer, you will not immediately back off thinking “we will never get along,” but instead, you may take on the challenge of your polar opposite, and begin a cosmic relationship that can turn your life around.


           ARIES & LIBRA

           The Attraction: This opposition of fire and air creates sparks at first meeting. Aries is the diamond in the rough, the competitor and adventurer, attracted to Libra’s elegant taste and sense of refinement. Whereas Mars-ruled Aries is all about action and wanting everything yesterday, Venus-ruled Libra raises diplomacy, cooperation and compromise to an art form.

Libra, you’re turned on by the hot excitement of Aries, and thrilled by someone who doesn’t need forever and a day to make a decision (a Libran trait) but wants – and usually gets --  immediate gratification.  Plus Aries isn’t afraid to be aggressive, and believes that stepping on toes is never wrong when asserting their rights. On the other end of the cosmic spectrum, Aries, you are awed by Liba’s open desire to be loved, and your lover’s willingness to bend over backwards to compromise, just to make you happy.

            The Conflict: However, worrying about being politically correct is never something that keeps Aries up nights, but it might keep you up Libra, worrying about Aries lack of politeness and tact.  In fact, this fire sign can burn up friendships being honest to a fault. In time, you will both learnin from each other’s strengths and talents. Libra, you will learn to relate to other people with honesty, not hedging the truth because you fear losing friends, and Aries, you will learn to relate to people with more tact and kindness, and not fear losing face.

This sounds like a give and take relationship that might could work, doesn’t it? However, there are a few cosmic lessons to learn on the road to happily ever after.

            The Challenge:  You both must learn what a relationship needs: Aries you can learn from Libra how to be more cooperative. Yes, you are a charismatic leader, but you can be too independent and selfish, forgetting to take the feelings of others into consideration, and Libra, you must learn from Aries how to stand up for yourself. It’s wonderful that you bend over backwards for others in order to compromise and please, but if you bend over too far, you will not only lose your balance, but you could lose your own sense of Self.

When it comes to decision-making Aries, you can learn the art of reflection from Libra and how to balance pros and cons (Libra’s astrological symbol is the scales of Justice) and isn’t it time Aries, that you stopped rushing into risky situations, that leave you with a bruised ego that hurts more than you will ever admit.

Libra, you’re famous for seeing both sides of a question, but you can carry this to extremes. For instance, even when deciding on whether to buy a red baking dish or a blue one, you can take more time than it took to end World War II. Now you can learn from Aries to stop procrastinating and to make a decision – and no, it doesn’t come in yellow!

Perhaps most important Aries, you have a tendency to be hot-headed, and that can turn into combative confrontations that take no prisoners. Happily Libra has an ability for detached, objective thinking that sees two sides of the story, without taking sides. So Libra, after you learn from your polar opposite how to be more assertive, you will be able to sit your combustible Aries down, and teach this lover that there are others way to restore peace than head-on conflict . 

Happily, Libra’s calmings presence that seeks harmony and compromise in the worst of conflicts, can cool off the hottest Aries head . . .  how cool is that?


            TAURUS & SCORPIO

            The Attraction: When the sensuality of Taurus collides with the raw sexual intensity of Scorpio, memories are indeed made. Taurus you prefer to follow routine, because you equate predictability with both emotional and physical comfort.  You like what you know and you know what you like! Scorpio, you find the laid back persona of Taurus a relsief from the high-voltage emotional and mental world in which you live. Your Taurus lover appreciates beauty in all its forms, and sharing art and music together soothes your Scorpio intensity.

So as Venus ruled Taurus soothes the turbulent water of Pluto-ruled Scorpio, it seems like the closest to heaven you can get!

            The Conflict: Taurus, since you prefer the predictable, and equate change with a seismic shake to your comfort level, when the honeymoon is over (translation: when you leave the bedroom!) this same-old, same-old approach to life, threatens to bore Scorpio who likes to explore new areas of mental terrain, especially what is labeled taboo by society.

Scorpio, you may find yourself frustrated trying to get your Taurus lover to miss an episode of Downtown Abbey (they lust after all that antique furniture) and go to a concert, lecture or play with you. And how will you ever motivate Taurus – whose living room is a womb with a view! -- to leave the physical world long enough to explore metaphysical realms with you?

Never doubt that love can move mountains!

As Taurus savors the emotional comfort of having you close, your lover will do more and more to please you. Yes, you can expand the intellectual horizons of Taurus, and once the floodgates are open, this cautious sign will discover new and exciting worlds. Your laser-sharp insight can also gift Taurus with more understanding about what makes him or her tick, while Taurus can teach you about  the slower-paced earthy pleasures of cooking, gardening and, literally, stopping to smell the roses.

            The Challenge: Both Taurus of practical earth and Scorpio of emotional waters, tend to be possessive. Taurus, you’re never satisfied to merely appreciate beauty, but you want to own it.  Life isn’t great until you can say “This is mine!” And that goes for both the beautiful love you feel, or for that beautiful piece of antique furniture you want. So if you can afford it, you will proudly invite friends to your home decorated with beautiful objects – complete with a beautiful relationship. Both will bring you the happiness that ownership brings – and in your case, that happiness will be emotional security!

On the other hand Scorpio, you are less material minded, and your possessiveness is concentrated on your lover. You have to learn how to trust, and until that happens, you can be on your guard again perceived betrayal. When a Scorpio lover is very insecure, he or she can be controlling (“you left the office at 5pm and it’s 5:20pm where have you been?) to irrationally jealous “I saw the way you looked at your dentist!)

However, Taurus is the perfect lover to soothe Scorpio’s fears because when it comes to making a relationship work, Taurus will not give up. They are in it for the long run with a tenacity and dedication that will impress even Scorpio. Since Taurus is also committed to fidelity, Scorpio can stop fantasizing about chains and  bolts on the front door, and begin to trust the relationship. In time, even Scorpio’s cynicism about love and faithfulness will melt away, realizing that Taurus has a lifetime commitment to the relationship . . . and is even willing to change dentists.



             The Attraction: The minute these two signs begin communicating, each word carries the promise of a scintillating relationship. Both signs are in love with ideas, and so their minds must be turned on before other parts of their bodies can follow!

Gemini, listening to the lofty philosophy of Sagittarius is so thrilling, that you will be happy to stay up into the wee hours, digesting your new Sagittarius lover’ wisdom.

For you Sagittarius, lover of travel and exotic locales, Gemini’s mind will be a fascinating terrain. You love humor, so you will be a great audience for Mercury-ruled Gemini’s famous wit, plus you will be impressed at how your lover manages to file away so much fascinating trivia. By the time Gemini tells you that on Good Friday in 1930m the BBC reorted “there is no news” and instead played piano music, you will already be in love.

            The Conflict: Gemini, you can become annoyed with your Sagittarius lover’s tendency to preach. You know how smart he or she is, but do they have climb into the pulpit just to make a point? And you Sagittarius, lover of wisdom, you become restless when Gemini begins gossiping, repeating “he said” and “she said”and “they said” chatter until you begin to appreciate a monk’s vow of silence.

What you both must do is what you both do so well  --communicate! The power of words can heal as well as wound, so begin by using logic and reason to communicate what you love about each other, and what threatens your relationship. Gemini, you know a little about a lot of things, but you can learn from Sagittarius how to delve into subjects in more depth – leaving gossip for the talk shows – and allowing yourself to grow in knowledge and maturity. Sagittarius, you might consider that preaching your views: religious, political, philosophical and otherwise, puts a strain on your relationship.  So stepping down from the pulpit and communicating without patronizing Gemini, will be a big step towards making your relationship work.

Sometimes what we love the most is what we have to leave for awhile in order to gain some fresh perspective. So Gemini, when emotional wear and tear is making you break out in hives  (your sign rules the  nervous system!), then you need to get away. No, not away from your lover, but with you lover. You both need to get out of your heads, and leave intellectual discussions behind.

Sagittarius, when you need a break from Gemini chatter, instead of wearing ear muffs to bed (they’re so unsexy!) consider the sensuality of a tropical beach where the only sound you both will hear is the sizzle of suntan lotion. Or hike in the mountains (you’ll be too out of breath to talk!), or just lose yourself in the sounds of a concert, or in the new perspective of a film. The main thing is: get out of the house and fill your senses with different ideas to talk about.

            The Challenge: Gemini, you are an audacious flirt, and since you love novelty, the combination of both can get you into a lot of trouble. Sagittarius you mean what you say when you say it, but you often bite off more than you can want to digest, and you don’t deliver on promises.

So both signs have to promise fidelity and really mean it. Gemini don’t just talk it. Sagittarius, don’t just preach it. If you can act with your most mature, loving and spiritual higher selves, your relationship will be so wonderful that not even words can describe it.     























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