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It has been said that a man born under the sign of Scorpio is ruled by his genitalia. Could this be true of the man who may one day rule Britain? It is a generalization of course, but if you sniff a little, you will definitely smell the smoke. Scorpio is the sign of sex in the zodiac, and Prince Charles has proven that he has quite a passion for passion!

The Prince is difficult to know and that’s exactly how he likes it. He guards his privacy (not always successfully) and never forgets an injury to his pride. While he is infinitely complex, with a mysterious side to his nature (which intrigues the opposite sex), one thing is known: he wants to sexually possess and dominate a woman. There have also certainly been times when his feelings were not involved, and his main objective was conquest, when the refinement of technique may not have been first on his list. With his sweet tooth for kinkiness and experimentation, the woman who will win him is one who will commit herself wholly to him and his needs, kinky or otherwise.

The planet Mars tells us about his sexual nature, and it is placed in the fire sign of Sagittarius. This adds passion (although hardly needed) and the Prince demands freedom to explore what draws him sexually. You see, sex is not an act apart for him, but an integral part of his life, as natural as breathing. He loves to talk about it, philosophize about it, observe it from this angle and then from over there!

He also has high standards when it comes to his ideal sexuality. However, with his Scorpio drive usually in third gear, it might take all of five minutes to wipe away those ideals. Actually, the Prince is so readily aroused that he must consciously slow himself down or the intense pleasure can come too soon.

To know what type of sexuality he seeks, we turn to Venus in the sign of Libra, symbolizing beauty, refinement and balance. Harmony is a relationship is all important to him and if a woman would fight him on any front, he would experience immediate fight or flight response, and probably opt for the latter. A fascinating note is that Venus in the zodiac is in challenging aspect to Cancer and Capricorn, two signs representing the mother and the father. Typical this suggests the child who never experienced his own true needs, but was busily receiving the “royal commandså” – based on his parents needs. Naturally, he learned that love came only when he fulfilled those needs. Too often, this can result in the Venus in Libra lover finding value for himself only in other people’s eyes.

Sexually, this translates as Prince Charles being very giving to a woman he truly cares about. His Moon-Mars aspects also indicate more of an intense charm, thanks to a certain amount of psychic ability. It sensitizes him to another’s feelings, and he almost mirrors a woman’s sexual needs. Again, pleasing someone to these heights and to these depths, serves to give the Prince the love and value of himself that craves.

With his Moon in Taurus (his mother’s Sun sign), Prince Charles will attract a very loyal partner. The question is, will he be loyal in return? Or will Camilla, the one woman who has already committed herself to him in mind, body, heart and soul, continue to rule him as well?

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