Prince William



 The Prince was born on the cusp of Cancer and Gemini,and so he  exhibits qualities of both signs: the warmth, sensitivity and caring      that mark Cancer (The Moon Child), and the mental activity, and infinite charm of Gemini.



Most Cancer men have, for better or worse, an unbreakable bond with their mothers. The aspect between Prince William’s Venus (love) and Diana’s Mercury (the mind) was warm and reassuring. The rapport they enjoyed was close, easy, and a  “second skin” they could both slip into.

As for his father, Prince Charles’ Uranus (planet of the unexpected) is in exact degree to his son’s Sun in Gemini, suggesting their relationship will never be static. Prince Charles will be a source of originality, bringing unorthodox thinking into the Prince’s  life.

But what of his love nature now directed solely towards lovely Kate? Prince William’s Venus is found in the sensual earth sign of Taurus, the same placement of his mother, Princess Diana. The sign this planet inhabits in our own charts indicates what type of pleasure and love we need in life, and there is little that the Prince’s lusty appetite doesn’t relish enough not to ask for seconds! Venus encourages him to be demonstrative (as was his mother), as well as possessive and ultra sensual. He is a tactile creature who loves to be loved, touched and caressed. 

While part of his charm nods its debt to his Sun in Gemini, blessing him with a very glib tongue and sardonic sense of humor, his Venus desires a sexual expression of a more primitive nature. When he gets the type of pleasure he what he wants from a woman, it will be long and sustained sex first, and affection later. 

One astrological theory is that Venus in Taurus people are so sexual because part of their survival mechanism is to procreate the species . . .  what better instinct for a future monarch?

His own sexual nature is expressed through the planet Mars in Libra. Here is a high degree of sexual refinement and keen sense of touch and elegance. Aesthetics are all important and so the way a woman looks and smells and satisfies his aesthetic sense is vital foreplay.  He can also be the ultimate tease, using it as a devastating form of foreplay. He will enjoy many sexual partners before he tires of the game. Some of this is due to the fact that he becomes easily bored, and he must experience a variety sexual partners in order to expand his horizons . . . ultimately to understand his own nature,

However, the number of these playmates may increase beyond the comfort stage if he doesn’t confront and control his possessive tendencies. The aspect between his Venus and Uranus suggests that he must learn to exchange the royal “I” for a loving “we” more often than he’s used to doing. In short, he has to give his lover the freedom that she desires, or the relationship can end abruptly.

 Most important, the lesson of Mars in Libra is that love is not all Hollywood beginnings and fairytale endings. Spiritual evolvement and real growth through a relationship takes work. Prince William will only find the deep, sustained relationship he dreams about if he is willing to dedicate himself to it. In short, dedicate himself fully to Kate.

His Sun’s sun-ruler, Uranus, is innovative and radical, telling us that he will be in his element heading large groups of people and guiding them along progressive paths. One day he may well be in a position to do just that.

So, we wish this Prince Charming God’s speed in his true romantic relationship that will inspire him to grow spiritually.  Only this kind of commitment will teach him to express his volatile temper before it erupts destroys (Mars-Saturn aspect) and to curb his selfishness and the stubbornness that comes with Venus in Taurus. For a young Royal who will someday deal with heads of State, nothing equals the marriage bed for perfecting the art of diplomacy.





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