You, Sag, are a walking dream factory, with blueprints and schemes that thrill the imagination. But when it comes to the assembly line responsible for actually producing the finished product (who are often called upon to work after hours!) why is there suddenly a worker’s strike at the factory?

Well, you might protest, your business is to be the visionary, and to let others handle the nitty gritty. Almost sounds like a plan. But in fact, you don’t spend enough time thinking about preparation, financing, marketing or much of anything that helps turn dreams into reality. Too often you like to roll the idea around in your mind, savoring the possibilities like a ball of delicious candy in your cheek, and you put off biting down . . .put off that post-orgasmic moment! 

Ruled by the planet of largesse, Jupiter, you are the quintessential salesperson (next to Gemini of course) and people love your friendliness and extroverted personality. You know how to ignite someone’s enthusiasm and what’s more, your own enthusiasm and imagination are often dynamic enough to shoot dreams into the stratosphere. Remember, the astrological symbol for your sign is the Archer, carrying a bow and arrow, aimed towards the heavens. 

You love the adventure of a new beginning, the gamble of it all . . . but sooner or later you will bump your head against a harsh reality: practicality does not a dull Sagittarius make, and neither does discipline rid a dreamer of inspiration.. Yes, the epiphany that is bound to come is this: life can be even more exciting and extraordinary when dreamers harness their discipline.

As you grow older Sag, your thoughts begin to seek new visions inside yourself. You become more spiritually philosophical and wise. In fact, about this time, you understand the powerful impact of your words, and begin to temper your truths with tact.

Like fine wine Sag . . . you only get better with age.



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