You can frustrate a lover by being so secretive, Scorpio. What do you have to hide? You can frighten that same lover by going to dangerous extremes in moods and actions. What do you have to gain? The answer to the first question may never be uncovered in this lifetime, because Scorpio protects privacy more than Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

However, Scorpio might answer the second question by reminding you that life is a gift to be lived, and every experience is to be savored, not a quarter or halfway, but to the fullest! But Scorpio, you ask, what about the part of going to extremes? What about savoring those experiences so long and so hard that you suffer acute spiritual indigestion?  It’s too late; Scorpio has already disappeared behind an impenetrable mask.

Ruling the 8th house in the zodiac of sex, death and inheritance, you are a passionate and intense water sign. You hold your cards close to your vest, always play to win, and often succeed because you have an uncanny talent for spotting your enemy’s weakness: the tender Achilles heel. If you are in an “all or nothing” moment, you may even bend your moral code (and anything else that gets in the way) and use that knowledge to wipe out the competition. Yes Scorpio, can you can be ruthless when emotion blinds reason.

However, let us all breath a collective sign of relief knowing that an evolved Scorpio can also be a tremendous source of positive power and strength.

Relationships are important to you Scorpio, and while you can mesmerize someone with your psychic insights, you have some work to do on your own self in terms of trust. You will never create the strong union you dream about without it. When you do trust your lover, then you will be able to face your own Achilles heel, expose your own vulnerabilities and weaknesses, and with the help of your partner, begin to heal them.

A Scorpio may not be easy to know, but once known, unforgettable.



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