Sex, Drugs, & Attitude


A “KEEP OUT” sign appears on the bedroom door . . . 

Blue hair dye appears in the sink . . .

A sullen stranger appears in your house, disguised as your own child!

Yep . . . it’s official. You have a teenager.  

Luckily, you also have Sex, Drugs and Attitude: An Astrological Survival Guide for Parents.


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If you’re a parent in the 21st Century, think of astrology as a basic survival tool for you and your teen. In order to ensure that you both emerge physically and psychologically intact from the trauma of these years, the communication and understanding that astrology provides is vital. The key to communication is one we all misplace now and then; but life gets really frustrating if we can’t even remember when we used it last!

Astrology will give you insight into your teen’s innate talents and strengths, weaknesses and hangups, helping you to nurture the former and survive the latter. As you begin to better understand this puzzling, frustrating and challenging newer version of yourself, you’ll become far more instrumental in developing his or her maturity and potential. 

As parents, we open the newspapers and read our worst nightmares. Graphic stories of teens who sell drugs or overdose on them; run away from home, and even take their own lives. We can feel our hair turning white. But remember, just being a teen doesn’t guarantee these kinds of disasters. Each astrological sign reacts in its own way to pressures and temptations. For instance, why is Scorpio tempted to explore sex earlier than you might like? Why does Pisces have to be more on guard against drugs and forms of escapism? How can you caution party-loving Leo against excess without pouring cold water on the party?

The good news is that you don’t have to choose between being a parent or a friend. You can be both. And why settle for either love or respect when you can inspire both? Since this is a time when what you say and how you say it have equal impact, communication is everything. Astrology can help you talk to your intense Scorpio and not down to him. It can guide you to empower your headstrong Sagittarius instead of alienating her. 

In this book you’ll also find the astrological sign of the Moon on the date of your own birth. Be prepared for revelations into just how – and how well – you nurture your teen. Aries Moon, could you be a better listener? Gemini Moon, could you listen at all? Capricorn Moon, could you lighten up a little? Cancer Moon, could you cling a little less? Yes, astrological insight into your own communication skills will help you to parent with all of your strengths -- and give some intensive therapy to your weaknesses.

If a great divide has grown between you and your teen, reject the fear that it’s too late to salvage the relationship. Even if they’re so far removed emotionally that you need a visa to visit . . . don’t give up. Astrology teaches that we are meant to confront our limitations and learn from them. Remember the heavens are in constant motion, forming new aspects to our natal planets and helping us all to grow up and to grow wiser. There is always hope for a better relationship. Later is always better than never. 

While these astrological profiles, based on Sun signs, bring new perspective into your teen’s character, they’re not the whole picture. For instance, what happens when an air sign like Gemini, who easily scatters their energies, has many planets in the earth sign of Virgo? That influence definitely grounds them. Does your level-headed Capricorn have the Moon in ultra sensitive Pisces? If a crisis occurs and your teen reacts with a flood of emotion, you might wonder,“ where did that come from?”  If you’re interested in further astrological discovery, please think about having your teen’s (and your own) horoscope cast. It’s a great way to meet some fascinating people!

As a survivor of my own daughter’s tumultuous, terrifying and ultimately transcendent teenage-age years, I have written this book, with hope, sanity and humor for every parent who ever looked with shock and dismay at their teenager and cried:

“Who are you, and what have you done with my child??”


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