How can you be in the comfortable rut friends accuse you of inhabiting, when all you’re doing is cultivating a cozy and secure nest complete with designer furniture and stereophonic sound?  

The answer is so apparent that you can’t believe how dumb people can be not to understand: it’s the sweet security, of course!

When I think of your earth sign ruled by Venus, I imagine freshly plowed fields in Spring, the sweet smell of earth; and I think of what a child of nature you are, tactile, sensual and loving.

You appreciate luxury in all its forms, even the simplest luxury of giving and receiving love – which in truth, to do it well, is far from simple. You are often more “there” for other people who love you than you are for yourself . . . with your time, your soft shoulder, and deep caring . . . and so you must always remember to be your own best friend and President of your own fan club.

Don’t let yourself become lazy and sink into a lethargy of secure habit. You don’t have to file for a divorce from your television set and DVD player, but at least take steps for a formal separation! Learn new things, breathe in gulps of fresh thinking, awaken your curiosity, and exercise your knees so that they’ll be flexible enough to give you a strong kick in the pants when you hesitate to take advantage of new experiences.

People often say “money shouldn’t matter above all else” but you Taurus are often locked up in the world of matter, and lust after a security that only money buys, and so it can become a habit and worse, often an obsession that rules your life. Stay awake and aware . . . remember that the needs of your spiritual and mental selves matter as well.

No other sign surpasses your tenacity and ability to commit to a project, or a person, for the long run. So put on your running shoes Taurus, the race for change in 2015 has begun . . . and yes, you can!



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