The Love You Need


When a woman falls in love, she gives everything that she’s got. Many times, she’s so busy worrying if she’s making her lover happy, she doesn’t realize that she’s running on empty --   not getting what she needs emotionally, sexually or otherwise. Your Sun sign can point out the “soul food” your ego needs in order to be strong and healthy, to feel good about yourself. Then it’s up to you to decide whether the love you got is the love you really need!



You’re a fire sign ruled by the planet Mars. Your ego requires a sense of independence, challenge and freedom, and while you want to be loved passionately, you don’t want to be loved possessively. A lover whose fantasy is having you chained to his or her bed (watch out for that Scorpio!) won’t be giving you what you need. Cancer may be too clinging, Capricorn might be too cautious. Later in life you will find your balance and show more of the qualities of your polar opposite, Libra, who thinks only in terms of “we’ -- but until then find a lover who is secure enough to let you be your independent self. You’ll meet your match in fiery Leo and Sagittarius, who can give you the challenge you need and the sexual pursuit you love.



Your ego feels warm all over when you have a sense of comfort and security. The last thing you need is a lover who will make you feel insecure by flirting with every good looking face. (Gemini who raises flirting to an art form gets a red flag, while Leo is too emotionally dramatic for your down to earth tastes, and although Aquarius is a mental turn on, he or she but might not be the sexual partner to give you the slow, sensual love making you need. Look to earth signs Virgo and Capricorn to make you feel complete. They are faithful lovers and fidelity is number #1 on your priority list.



You’re an air sign whose boredom threshold is right around knee-level, and your ego soars when you’re in the arms of a lover who stimulates both your mind and body.

That takes someone with as much curiosity about life as you have.

The way you fly from one interest to another will frustrate Virgo, Sagittarius might be too detached a lover, while emotional Pisces will have you eyeing the nearest exit. Look for signs who can keep you both mentally and physically stimulated: Leo and Aries lovers come boredom-proof; Aquarius has the kind of fantasy sex life to keep you totally intrigued, and Libra loves to experiment with sex almost as much as you do, when you’re not busy talking on your cell that is! These lovers are not possessive and will even let you indulge in your favorite pastime of shameless flirting.



You’re a water sign who needs nurturing, unconditional love and a sense of belonging. 

Not necessarily in that order!

Ruled by the moon, your moods tend to fluctuate like the tides, and a Libra might not give your moods enough sympathy. Aries is much too impatient and Capricorn, not the most cuddly lover on the planet, just doesn’t have time to baby you. So baby, why not snuggle with a passionate Scorpio who will dominate you into total bliss? Or a nurturing Pisces who loves to be as affectionate as you are? Virgo can help you feel safe and grounded, while a Taurus lover will understand your moods, kiss away your insecurities and is passionate enough to discover all your nerve endings!



You’re the royal fire sign who needs to be adored, if not, you will give your lover the royal freeze!

You want your lover’s universe to revolve around you, and only constant attention and admiration will do it. While an affair with Scorpio is exciting, you both want to dominate. Taurus is too practical to give you the over-the-top love you need, and Aquarius might challenge your royal authority by analyzing you too much. An ideal lover could be Sagittarius who is independent and loves sex as frequently as you fantasize. Aries wants to lead and you want to rule. so although that could cause problems, but they will definitely be solved under the sheets.

Libra can also be a devoted lover, while Gemini offers fun as long as he or she doesn’t flirt too much, causing royal Leo to shout “Off with your head!”


(coming soon Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces)

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