Uranus in Aries Will Rock Your World


Are you prepared for Uranus, the planet that upsets the status quo, brings mini revolutions into your personal life and revolutions into the world on a global scale?



Yes, I know, we are never prepared for Uranus! We all want to make changes in our good time, when it’s comfortable, when we are ready -- but right now we are on Uranus time until 2019, and ready or not, your world is going to be radically changed in ways you cannot even imagine..

When it was found accidentally by W. Herschel in England on March 13, 1781, the American revolution (1775-1783) was changing the face of democracy, and so Uranus was forever linked with revolutions, freedom and independence. Now as it transits Aries, demonstrating once again its powers for upheaval and reform, protests are springing up around the globe and the United States is galvanizing the beginning of the Second American Revolution.

But what does Uranus mean in your personal life? What needs to be “revolutionized” and changed? What old structures –whether in your thinking, relationships, work, health habits etc., need to be toppled in order to make way for the new? Whether you are ready or not to discard the old for the new, the comfortable for the challenging, Uranus will seek out the weak links in the house it transits and bring about conditions for change. It’s that simple. It’s that complex. It’s that exciting.

Uranus will seek out weak links in whatever house it transits

and you will be the stronger for it!

The following will give you an idea of what is in store for your Solar Sign in the coming years. Naturally, if you have your personal horoscope, read your Sun Sign and your Rising Sign, because both will be impacted. Uranus will be in Aries until 2019 – enough time to do some thorough house cleaning and give you a fresh start.


March 21 to April 19

You are most affected Aries as Uranus impacts the 1st house of your solar chart, representing your Self, and the way you give expression to your life. Your personality, your clothes, your whole persona, will undergo enormous transformation and growth in the years ahead. Yes, you are definitely going to come into your own. However, your image of yourself may be shaken in the process, and for a while you may even feel uncomfortable in your own skin. So be prepared to shed that skin and claim a new image. Envision the person you want to become . . . begin to consciously grow into that person, and your new persona will magically follow. Think of this transit as a gift from the cosmos, a time in which you can give up negative thought patterns, change your outmoded, and possibly destructive habits – from bad-for-your lungs cigarettes, to bad-for-your-heart lovers --- and in the doing, change your life. If you stay focused, self-controlled, and keep your seat belt buckled Aries, the next eight years can be the ride of your life.


April 20 to May 20

Taurus, Uranus is visiting your 12th house, and that means your unconscious will be jolted into more awareness than it’s received in a long time. Are there certain parts of your life or your past that you’re more comfortable not confronting? You like your emotional comfort, and you often back away from exploring what is “challenging” as much as you should. All right, “challenging” is a definite euphemism for fears that can rock your comfort level.  Well, remember that Uranus energy is abrupt and impatient, so expect some stark epiphanies about yourself to burst onto your consciousness. Of course, if you are stubborn (and you are infamous for being just that) and refuse to do any soul searching, then you can avoid all self-discovery and simply wind up with some disturbing dreams – truths from your unconscious trying to break through. This transit is the opportunity for you to understand more of yourself, to shake off the ghosts and goblins of the past and to meet the future with renewed strength. So stay open Taurus, stay curious enough to explore the depths of your soul . . .  and trust Uranus to steer the boat!


May 21 to June 20

Since Uranus, the most eclectic of planets, will be transiting your 11th house of friendships and long-term goals, you can expect some very different types of people to enter your life, perhaps those you once thought too eccentric, or too “out there.” At the same time, friendships that no longer serve your spiritual growth will leave. Groups will also play a major role in the years to come and you might join classes or causes.  Perhaps you will even join a protest group (if there isn’t one in city near you, wait an hour!). No matter what the group is about, their thinking will be progressive and give you the chance to indulge your favorite passion -- communicating ideas. All the time, your restless nature is going to undergo a mini revolution of its own, as it seeks goals you might never have imagined within reach. Some say “you get what you settle for” in life, and for the next eight years Gemini, you will refuse to settle for less than your dream, as Uranus whispers in your ear . . . anything is possible!


June 21 to July 22

This transit is major for you Cancer, it will visit your 10th house of career and highlight all the authority figures in your life: from parent to police. Impress the former and avoid the latter! Be careful how you present yourself to the world now, especially if the only thing you cannot resist is temptation, because Uranus has been known to cause mayhem to reputations. An indiscretion here, a slip there, and you could find yourself the subject of unpleasant attention. On the bright side, if you haven’t found the courage to leave a dead-end job, Uranus will arrange for the door to swing open, presenting you with opportunities for a fresh start. Or you might come up with a brilliant flash of creativity in your current job and be unexpectedly promoted (sweet success at last!). So help fuel the transformative powers of Uranus with the creativity of your own thinking. The more dynamic energy you pour into the universe, the more chance you have of doing the work you love for people you respect. Staying competitive in your professional life, and under the radar in your personal life, is the formula for staying securely on top of your game.


July 23 to August 22

Leo, my royal friend, Uranus is transiting your 9th house, bringing you a chance to update your passport.  This house rules long distance travel and higher learning, and so along with new cultures on the horizon -- your mind is about to play host to a variety of new subjects. Combine the two, and you have the possibility of studying abroad, for some weeks or even years. But the 9th is also the house of religion, and philosophy, intending your own views on those subjects to undergo fundamental changes -- more in depth, and wider in scope. The result will be that you will strongly tune into the revolutionary mode of the planet as your own politics and religious views evolve. By the time this transit leaves Aries for Taurus in 2019, you may no longer recognize the religious or philosophical thinking you now possess. Be aware of crossing your legal t’s and dotting your legal I’s because this house also rules legal matters, and so adhering to a strict code of morality and ethics is all a part of your new higher-consciousness. Clinging to the past is the opposite of what this transit is all about, so don’t look back Leo – the future is waiting!


August 23 to September 22

Virgo, Uranus is transiting your 8th house, and its explosive energy will rearrange the resources of other people in your life. This house rules death as well, and that often means the unexpected arrival or departure of people as well as money. An inheritance may be coming your way, or more financial resources may be available through a relative or a partner in business. Be alert to unpleasant and unexpected changes that might happen to shared monies. Are you in a financial arrangement that is uncomfortable for you, and yet you haven’t had the courage to change the situation? If so, Uranus may rearrange the pieces on the chess board as you sleep, and you may wake to find yourself without a needed source of income. Do not panic. This is happening so that you will learn to be more independent, and the cosmos will present you with the opportunities. Now since the 8th house rules sex as well, if you are interested, able and willing, someone may lovingly show you there are still new and exciting pleasures to enjoy. No doubt life will prove to be intense these next eight years Leo, but with your fiery strength and courage, you will prove yourself worthy of whatever Uranus brings.


September 23 to October 22

Libra, your 7th house rules relationships of all kinds, and Uranus is dropping by until 2019 to make sure they are strong and positive. Any weak links in a relationship will attract this planet’s volatile energy like a puppy to his tail, and you can expect these relationships to disappear from your life. Of course, you will also want to express your own personal freedom in your relationships (freedom is what Uranus is all about!), and anyone who refuses to give it to you will also find himself or herself quickly relegated to your past. So be prepared for people to come in and out of your life, perhaps at a dizzying pace. You will also have to fight harder to keep new relationships stable and lasting while Uranus transits this house. Give yourself time to nurture a relationship, study it, feel comfortable in it, know the truth of it, because someone who enters your life with the excitement and romance of a Hollywood epic, may turn out to be just a B movie with great advertising. The stronger you grow as your own person during these years Librathe stronger and happier any future relationship will be.


October 23 to November 21

Scorpio, your work and health will be impacted as Uranus transits your 6th house. That job you work at  -- or that you may suffer at -- can be transformed into freelance freedom in the near future. Uranus energy can be the wind at your back that you need, enabling you to break free of a dead end job and utilize the expertise you have spent years acquiring. Of course, you will want to wait until the economy is better, but things are rapidly shifting in our world, and it may not be long before we can take a collective deep breath of financial relief!  Also, think about how Uranus-ruled technology can give you a new profile at work, for instance have you thought about honing your computer skills? As for your health, in the coming years, your thinking will shift into more of a progressive mode, and you will act holistically for whatever ails you. Natural healing is the wave of our present awareness, and it will do wonders for your future physical, mental and emotional health. Most important, remember that what you do to support yourself, and how fulfilled you are doing it, has a tremendous impact on your health for good or for worse. Uranus is here to help you make sure that your work and health enjoy a long and happy marriage.


November 22 to December 21

When Uranus transits your 5th house Sagittarius, expect mega pleasure. Keep relationships with your children calm and communicative, because offsprings are featured in this house, and they may be the source of many surprises. You will want to know what’s happening with your children at all times. No, I don’t advise reading their diaries, I mean being enough of a friend to them so that they will ask your wise advice when a soft shoulder or tough love is needed! Creativity is featured in this house, and Uranus will inspire you to transcend the limits of your imagination. What you create can be both visionary and totally original. This house also rules love affairs, and you’re in for dizzying romantic experiences that may have you falling in and out of passionate love faster than a virginal blush. The energy of Uranus in this house doesn’t promise long term relationships, so take your time knowing someone before you elevate an exciting 5th house romance to a 7th house permanent partnership.  One thing is certain, Sagittarius, before the energy of Uranus leaves this house you will have a love affair with life that you will never forget.


December 22 to January 19

Home sweet home is going to be home-full-of-surprises-home, as Uranus transits your 4th house Capricorn. That means relationships in your domestic environment will change and grow at lightning speed. With the explosive energy of Uranus shifting your very emotional and physical foundation, you may find yourself leaving home, moving to a new address, or totally changing your life style. Your mother may be a main source of many of these unexpected changes, and you might want to give her give her some extra attention during this time, making sure that her emotional and physical health is cared for. That doesn’t mean that you have to feel tied down in any way, as a matter of fact, you will require more and more freedom in your home life in the coming years. Hopefully, your family will recognize and respect your need. If not, you may experience another need . . . the need to have a heart to heart with them, and to express yourself directly and honestly. In the next 8 years Uranus will show you the truth of the expression . . . home is where the heart is.



January 20 to February 18

Uranus is transiting your third house and energizing your every expression of communication. This is your ruling planet Aquarius, and so you are no stranger to its ability to transform, to create new worlds. Think about it how many times you have reinvented your own world. You’re known as the reformer of the zodiac, loving to upset all the bad-apple carts wherever you find them, and you find them in politics, in business and in your own relationships.  Now this transformative energy may upset the status quo of your relationship with your siblings. Perhaps it will bring you closer to understanding each other, or seek out weak links and move you further apart. The third house also rules short distance travel as well, and so the future will be busy with travel of your mind and body, immersing you more into technology and the world of computers which, in turn, bring more of the larger world to you. Since Uranus also rules astrology, you might even be tempted to learn more about the cosmos and travel beyond science. This is a time to explore your own mind Aquarius, with your ruling planet Uranus as your mentor and guide.



February 19 to March 20  

Pisces, Uranus will cause minor earthquakes in your second house of finances, and you could find yourself quitting the known and secure for something radically different, free at last! This is also the house of values, and so you may want to rethink whatever tried, but not so true rules, have been guiding your life. If you have yearned for a transformation from the mundane to the magical in your life, where you could be true to yourself and your values, Uranus is here to help make it happen. The energy will be sudden, but it will present surprising new opportunities for your future. For instance, Uranus rules the world of technology and digital media, and when combined with your ability to grasp the metaphysical world, it can be a powerful and lucrative combination. Or perhaps you will decide that money is not the muse you want to follow after all, and you will choose to follow your heart instead. Whatever goal is made clear to you in the years ahead, Pisces, the transit of Uranus in Aries urges you to have faith it its transformative powers, and in yourself.


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