Why is there a “why?” constantly on the tip of your tongue? Why are you accused of analyzing friends and dissecting their problems as if they were frogs under a microscope? And if your ruler Mercury, the planet of communication is responsible for your questioning mind, can it alsofurnish the answers? 

You know Virgo, that when you probe people’s hang-ups, you just want to know why they do the things they do. Your friends may also accuse you of being overly critical, but how short-sighted they are! You know it’s just because you’re a perfectionist and striving to reach the stars. The problem is that you assume everyone wants to make the trip with you!

You may not be easy to please, but as an earth sign with eyes that are deep with caring and intelligence, you are definitely worth the effort. When your friends finally realize that your heart guides you to heal, they will feel less intimidated. In the meantime, sprinkle your therapy with lots of “I think you’re great” and “You have the smarts, I know you do!” . . .doses of positivity are known to help heal scars.

The biggest problem you face are your own expectations. In fact, you are harder on yourself than on anybody else. If you are to live a relatively stress-free life, please ease up on your perfectionist standards, realize that you are human and cut yourself a wide parameter of slack.

Since your sign rules the lower intestines, it’s not unusual for a Virgo with rigid expectations to have trouble digesting life, and that can play havoc with your intestine. So relax. Instead of responding quickly by putting yourself down, or directing critical barbs towards those who are human enough to disappoint, do one thing first. Do nothing. Take the time to reflect on what is happening. After awhile you will see the folly of it all. You will see deeper, wiser, and find a calm that has eluded you.

You can accomplish this Virgo, because you really have the smarts and then some . . . I know you do!



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