Why is Woody Allen such a mess?



In Deconstructing Harry, his quasi-autobiographical film, his lead character, writer Harry Block, lies, cheats and fornicates his way across Manhattan. In a public moment of mea culpa, Harry/Woody cries:“ I am the worst person in the world!”  Is Wood Allen really this tormented? Heaven only knows.

First it’s important to right a misconception: a horoscope is not destiny.

It is a “ freeze frame” (to use Woody’s vernacular) of the heavens at the moment of birth – a blueprint revealing strengths, talents, weaknesses and potential. However, character is destiny, and if we work to overcome our weaknesses, and strengthen our character, we can consciously alter our destiny.

Woody is an independent and freedom-loving Sagittarius whose horoscope shows difficult karmic lessons through sex and relationships. Alas, years of psychoanalysis have failed to cure his destructive sexual neuroses. If only his shrink had understood the tremendous benefits astrology brings to analysis, (as did psychologist Carl Jung), he might have saved Woody that allegorical trip to hell in Deconstructing Harry.

Studying a horoscope is serious business, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. So let’s imagine the twelve houses of the zodiac as Woody’s twelve-room Manhattan duplex. Each room represents a different aspect of his life: money, friends, love, career, family, sex, etc., and the twelve signs of the zodiac, Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc., create the theme party going on in each room.  Who are the guests? Well, they’re the planets! Ten cosmic party goers with very different personalities are moving from room to room. How these planetary energies relate to each other and whether or not they crash the party is what astrology is all about.

So take a glass of wine and let’s party.

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