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An Aquarius woman is fresh as a cosmic breeze, doing things her way . . . and that’s always the way of innovation and the unexpected       

Yes Aquarius, you can be as sophisticated as Laura Dern, as comically brilliant as Ellen DeGeneres, or as exciting as beautiful Farrah Fawcett; all Aquarians who like their astrological color silver, reflect an electric nature and the love of shocking people into a bold, new awareness.

Of course, the cosmic motivator for your eclectic personality is your ruling planet, Uranus. It’s known as “The Awakener” and it accounts for your favorite pastime: pushing the envelope; taking delight in rattling the cages of those clinging to ideas that have long ago lost their shelf life!

When this planet is angular in your horoscope (especially in the 1st or 10th houses) You’re highly individualistic, dance to the beat of your own drummer, and probably have a keen interest in astrology.

It’s been said that the greatest compliment a lover can pay her partner, s to say that he isn’t so much needed as wanted. So because she doesn’t need a partner to feel complete as a woman, it’s far more of a compliment to simply desire, want him, and tell him so.

If there’s one sign in the zodiac who would be capable of saying those words to a lover, and meaning them . . . it is Aquarius.

Your sign is known to be progressive in thought and action. You want to stretch your mind, entertain new thinking, and until the day you breathe your last, you will be learning and growing mentally and spiritually. So finding someone who appreciates your desire to explore life in all its fascinating facets, isn’t a luxury for you . . . it’s a downright necessity.

What lovers among the twelve signs of the zodiac have the intellectual promise to share your myriad of interests? Who is comfortable enough in his own skin not to feel insecure when your cool nature needs its space?

Remember, someone may be born under another Sun sign, not generally complimentary to your own, and may have their Ascendant in Aquarius, or their Moon, or many planets in your sign. That would change the odds of their success in a relationship with you.

Keep that in mind Aquarius, as you let astrology guide you towards your next lover . . . but always lead with your heart.



Aquarius, your stimulating air sign will immediately fan the flames of Aries passion.

You see, Aries is the prototype of the action hero, and your independent mind, plus your involvement in so many activities, definitely turns him on. However, Aquarius, you’re a humanitarian and fighter for the underdog. That proves to be the big difference between you and Aries.            

This maybe-to-be new lover of yours, is far more “me” oriented and is usually motivated by a no-shame, self-interest. When you discover that fact Aquarius, you will take a giant step back out of love.

But before that happens, and because you’re a firm believer in communication, and a hopeless truth-teller, you discuss this with your lover. Oops! You may not be prepared for what happens. Aries sees this as an attack on his ego (which for Aries is akin to a holy relic), and he’s always on the alert to protect it. The unexpected reaction from your hotheaded lover is barely suppressed anger, and when that doesn’t make an impression on your cool and calm self, it can become explosive. Not a pretty sight.

If your relationship survives this show of fireworks, then you’re either madly in love or you simply make that famous female mistake . . . you think, “I can change him.”

Just so you don’t waste precious time or tears on this relationship, listen to a few more basic differences between you.

Friendship is important to you, right? Actually Aquarius, you’re really comfortable when your romance is built on a solid friendship. Not so for Aries. He’s a “man’s man” (as they say in documentaries about crocodile hunters), and he probably has some good buddies as friends, never a female. That’s a dynamic you cannot change.

Oh yes, if you have a career Aquarius, don’t expect Aries to be encouraging with emotional support. He might tolerate your work, but only as long as it doesn’t infringe on his role as mighty leader and protector of the pack. You can talk to him, or try reason with him, but you will not change him.

So Aquarius, until the right lover comes along, it’s best that you continue to try to change the world instead of an Aries lover. It’s so much easier!



Do you find Taurus, earthy, sensual and stable? That’s good.

How about financially secure, and ready with a soft shoulder to lean on just when you need it? That’s even better.

Yes, that’s a wonderful preface to a promising love story. Unfortunately, the chapters don’t exactly lead to a loving-happily-ever-after ending.

Aquarius, you and Taurus have very different goals in life. You love people, political causes, helping the underdog, fighting the establishment and meeting people from all walks of life. You don’t follow patterns, you break them. If you’ve done something the same way twice, that’s one time too many.

You need a lover who matches your intellectual curiosity and daring spirit.

On the other hand, get ready to nickname your lover Spud, because Taurus does a great imitation of a couch potato, glued to the television watching football, in a state of zen contentment that Buddhists only dream about

For awhile, you may pursue your interests without him, but at half time, when he wonders where you are, his jealous nature is aroused.

You see, his sign is Venus-ruled, and Taurus not only loves beautiful objects, and beautiful people, but he wants to own them. If this goes to extremes, he can forget that his lover is a partner and not a possession.

The more Taurus makes it clear that he wants you home, cooking and catering to his needs, and not running around handing out leaflets about the dangers of privatizing water. . . the more you wonder how you fell in love with a man who wants to turn you into who you are not, never were and never will be!

However, since sex in the bedroom with lusty Taurus (his astrological symbol is the bull) compensates for a lack of excitement with the NFL in the living room; you spend more time in the kitchen, cooking the meals Taurus loves, and keeping him well fed and content. Besides, you discover it’s easier to run off to a Democracy Now! meeting after dinner while he snoozes,

All goes well until discussions about finances cause another battle, all because Taurus is very security minded, while financial security matter little or not at all to a free-spirited Aquarius.

So, sorry Aquarius, this love story will end sooner than later. You may not believe that we all leave our lovers having learned a lot, but when you hear yourself describe your relationship with Taurus as “similar to when Sanchez made his “Butt Fumble” against the New England Patriots,” you will believe it!



Aquarius, after you meet charming Gemini, you can’t believe how comfortable you feel with him; it’s as though you have known each other for years.

The explanation is that you’re two air signs, cosmic twins in the same element, and so you immediately sense what’s familiar between you . . . beginning with the need to be mentally stimulated 24/7.

Gemini is witty, fun to be around, and has an insatiable curiosity that keeps you busy helping to answer his endless questions (thank goodness for Google!) In return, Gemini is anxious to share what stimulates you, and soon finds himself enlisted to help you in a multitude of social and humanitarian causes.

So expect to talk a lot, debate endlessly and, most delicious of all, share your wildest sexual fantasies, at any time, and almost anywhere,.

The only difficult moments you encounter come with a shared and depleted bank account. That prompts conversations about getting your act together and building financial security. However, Gemini suffers from terminal restlessness, and so he changes jobs fairly frequently.

Aquarius, you’re not overly concerned with finances either; talk of IRA’s and stock dividends has been known to put you into a coma. But in this case, with your feelings for Gemini filling you with the warmest glow you have experienced in years, you’re ready and willing to take financial charge. Ah, the miracles of love!

It must be mentioned that Gemini can not only charm snakes out of their baskets, but charm females out of their. . .well, let’s just say he’s a shameless flirt.

When it comes to pastimes, Taurus might like football, and Sagittarius might like horse racing. but Gemini likes women and flexing his seduction muscles.

Now this is a pastime that usually doesn’t sit well with a woman in love. Especially if that woman is insecure about her ability to keep Gemini at home, or worse, if she’s overly possessive and jealous.

However, as an independent Aquarius female, unless Gemini abuses your understanding and good humor, you allow him to satisfy his need to flirt, and instead of following that with seduction, miracle of miracles, he’s content to simplify fantasize.

So although your Gemini lover is no angel, you can believe that he is indeed heaven sent!



Can a love affair work between a cerebral Aquarius woman whose nature is emotionally detached, and a sensitive Cancer male, who lives in his emotions?

You see the problem.

Aquarius, you’re into a thousand activities outside the home, and The Moon Child (the preferred name for Cancer), wants to be in his home as much as possible (his womb with a view!); to have friends over for parties, relatives for Sunday brunch and his boss and wife over for special dinners. He’s at a total loss to understand why this doesn’t delight you as much as it does him.

You see the problem.

Yes, some women attack housework with enthusiasm (like Virgo who actually consider it therapeutic). Aquarius, you would much rather live with your neurosis than with a duster in your hand, and what about preparing those gourmet dishes that Cancer loves to serve at dinner parties? Hasn’t he already talked about his fantasy of both of you working away in the kitchen, licking fingers, a creative cooking duo, happily in love.

Well, because your do care about this gentle and giving lover, you might help cut a few celery sticks, but you have one eye on your watch, because after all, you don’t want be late for that meeting on climate change. Did you forget to tell him? Darn, well you’ll try to be back for dessert.

Anyway Aquarius, you might consider sparing both yourself and your

Moon Child a soap opera of unhappiness by converting your affair into a good friendship. Do it before your first major argument and your sensitive lover disappears into his shell (his astrological symbol is the Crab). Expect him not to speak, but to suffer in very loud silence, to the point where you want to cut off his oxygen supply.

He resents you if you lecture about his behavior. He is doubly resentful if you make light of it. When Moon Child is suffering, you may be certain it is no joke! In fact, he will only respond to what you say if it’s prefaced with love, cajoling and some physical stroking. Yes, he melts when responding to a loving touch, and may even start speaking, at least to ask for more.

But none of that coddling is in your nature Aquarius, so pack up your memories and head towards the future. Say, isn’t that romantic, generous and sexy Leo waiting?



Aquarius, you’re swept off your moral judgments when in the arms of passionate Leo. He knows how to make you feel irresistible, cherished and adored, so lovemaking is equally irresistible.

Every woman should have the gourmet experience of Leo’s love at least once in her past. This sign’s personality is bigger than life, and while he can afford it (and often when he can’t), so are his tastes for luxury. Aquarius, you’re about to be wined, dined, and life goes from being lived in black and white to full screen Technicolor. Ah, if only honeymoons could last forever!

However, you’re both fixed signs, fixed in your lifestyles and opinions. For instance, while it’s fun to splurge money on luxury shopping, you prefer it once in awhile. You’re far too concerned with the haves and have-nots in this world, so full time splurging for you is wretched excess.

On the other hand, Leo claims his royal right to live like a king, whether he can afford it or not. So it isn’t long before you begin to see the materialistic side of your lover, and his chronic extravagance makes you understand why peasants throughout history end up storming the castle.

If you back away, even emotionally, from how Leo loves to spoil you, his pride is hurt. Then you get “the royal cold shoulder.” Although Leo loves to give presents, do favors, and make his lover’s life a thousand times more comfortable, he expects appreciation for it in words, adoring gazes, and of course, in bed.

Just imagine his shock when instead of appreciation, he receives your Aquarian moral judgment. If you entertain the fantasy that he will tone down his lifestyle or extravagance, may I gently awaken you to reality? It isn’t going to happen.

Of course, in years to come, you miss the sexual side of your love affair, but to be truthful Aquarius, although it was delicious, don’t forget that Leo was usually ready for seconds when you just wanted to give your compliments to the chef and get some sleep!

Perhaps though, before you kiss Leo goodbye you can enjoy lovemaking for the last time, like it was the first time? I’ll never tell.



Virgo is a brainy earth sign that’s immediately attracted to the mind of an Aquarius woman.

The more you discuss ideas, the closer you come together, each admiring the other’s brain, before moving on to other parts, that is. However, while this is definitely a meeting of the minds, is it a meeting of the hearts?

Aquarius, you might think that you have found a partner in reforming the world. But before long you realize that picky Virgo is far more interested in reforming you. Yes, Virgo is infamous for analyzing his partner in order to find flaws. Is he a masochist or a sadist? Is he out to make himself and lover miserable? The truth will surprise you.

Virgo is one of the most caring signs in the zodiac, and the reason he looks for imperfections and problems, is so that he can solve them! He actually shows the depth of his love by being a “handyman of the heart” so to speak. Tell him what’s causing you heartache and he will use every resource at his disposal to fix ii, and to make your world whole again.

The only problem Aquarius, is that your relationship isn’t going to survive Virgo’s constant criticism and analysis, no matter how loving.

For instance, you and fastidious Virgo have very different standards on housekeeping. He wants hospital cleanliness, while you’re far more relaxed. And let’s be honest, how much talk can you handle about the benefits of Clorox and still feel sexy?

So after a short while, Virgo’s fussiness makes you feel as though you’re living in the past, back in the days when teachers were critical, older sister were judgmental and your mother was always after you to clean your room.

I guess it won’t come as any surprise Aquarius, but this match is not going to make it to the church.

Also, if you’re in the beginning of this love affair, you might think your sexual relationship will triumph over dusting, but lovers don’t leave their personalities at the bedroom door, and so you find that you spend more time analyzing emotions than feeling them.

If you care about Virgo, keep him in your life as one of the best (and cleanest) friends you will ever have.



As two air signs with strong mental attributes the other admires, your relationship has a head start because you’re off and running the moment you meet.

Venus-ruled Libra charms you with his smooth and sophisticated tastes, love of beauty and desire to live his life with balance and harmony. He seems to be the refuge you have been seeking from the chaotic world of causes and marches, petitions and eternal debates about humanity’s moral right and wrongs.

Libra is also a skilled social networker, party lover and collector of people. The fact that you’re independent, and involved with others, adds to your charm in his eyes.

His Venus ruler makes him the quintessential romantic and he doesn’t sit back and wait for his partner to create the mood for romance. He plans an evening, set the lighting, and even cooks dinner. All Libra expects in return, is for you take the time to look beautiful and trade in jeans for something soft and sexy. Then he wants to you to savor the aesthetics of dinner with candlelight, music and the dessert, which of course, is him. Did you think we were talking about cheesecake?

Since we’re on the subject of sex, remember in “Erotic Astrology” it notes the most erogenous zone of the body is the mind. That’s why your mental attraction causes immediate sexual currents, and we all know how dangerous it is to swim against the tide!

Since both of you appreciate novelty and experimentation, there are few boundaries that will hold you back from loving each in a myriad of ways.

You also share a liberal bent when it comes to flirting. However, since your social life brings many attractive people into your home, you have as many temptations. Aquarius, you draw the more intellectual set; the progressives and rebels, while your lover attracts the more sophisticated “how was Europe last summer?” set. It will be an interesting mix and all the more reason for you to keep your flirting under the radar.

 Also Aquarius, remember not to always wait for Leo to create the moment for love. Sometimes plan to be the instigator of a romantic dinner, candles, music, and the delicious dessert to follow, which of course, is you.



Aquarius, your Scorpio lover, ruled by both dynamic Mars & powerful Pluto, draws you to him by his incredible magnetism. He thinks deeply, feels deeply and sees beyond the superficial.

As fixed signs, you both can be rigid in what you like and don’t like. However, this is one of the few times in a relationship when you are definitely the more flexible.

It’s because the way you are “fixed” in your ideas is to be totally inclusive with new ways of thinking, new experiences, and new people that come into your life.

However, Scorpio is more complicated in ways that fight open communication. He tends to be secretive, and he has a reputation for either loving someone or despising them. Since you’re involved in so many activities, with so many colorful and attractive people, your lover reacts to them with more suspicion than Homeland Security.

Scorpio is infamous for being the astrological icon for sexuality, and that’s definitely be part of what keeps you smiling like the Cheshire Cat. In fact, since your lover fully expresses himself in lovemaking, far more than with words, sex plays a major role in your relationship.

However, perhaps because you find it easy to express yourself in so many other ways Aquarius, you need less sex, and you find it difficult (translation: exhausting) to keep up with three-act nightly performances.

Then there’s the problem of Scorpio’s tendency towards possessiveness. It’s usually sparked when he feels insecure, and the fact that your social and work life is filled to the brim with those mega interesting people – so many of them males -- turns his blue eyes green.

Will there be arguments? Does July follow June?

The more Scorpio tries to narrow your social and career horizons, the more you rebel, and the more you rebel, the more paranoid and possessive he becomes.

If this is beginning to sound like a future appearance on the Dr. Phil Show, you’re probably right.

In the end, Scorpio’s passion and intensity that drew you to him not that long ago, will finally draw you apart. But think of it this way Aquarius, now you know that one performance a night, with occasional matinees, suit you just fine.



A love relationship heading into the future with fiery Sagittarius has a lot going for it.

You both appreciate having freedom, and the psychic space to grow into your individual potentials. Having experienced the possessiveness of Scorpio, your new lover’s philosophy of “if you love someone you will set them free” brings tears of joy to your eyes.

But life is strange, and love is even stranger. So don’t be surprised if you discover that your Sagittarius lover desires and needs even more freedom than you. What’s more, his optimistic, breezy personality attracts many candidates for seduction.

Not that he yields to the temptations, you tell yourself. But does he?

What happens is that you find yourself reacting a bit like Scorpio. You feel those gnawing pants of jealousy, and you don’t like the feeling one bit.

Now if you have a sense of humor to match your lovers, then you can discuss the problem, laugh about it and move on. The worst thing to do is detach yourself from your feelings (one of your talents), and become emotionally inaccessible. Sagittarius will look for a warmer vibration elsewhere and you lose a relationship that could still be heavenly.

Also, be aware of your lover’s overly optimistic view of gambling. You have a thousand skills Aquarius, but being a good manager of money isn’t one of them. Plus your lack of skills, combined with Sagittarius’ love of gambling, could spell disaster. So, sit down (bring a lot of love and humor) and discuss this potential problem. Then come up with a plan, stick to it, and make no allowances for, “Well sweetheart, I just had to have it!”

One pleasure that comes with this lover is his 100% support and enthusiasm for your career. When you have a bad day, he’s there with his contagious optimism and faith in the future.

Being a fire sign, Sagittarius might be more sexually passionate than you, Aquarius, but the more you fulfill his needs, the less reason he has to gamble on losing you if he finds a playmate outside the relationship.

Yes, there are many reasons to keep this relationship long and loving. It might not take you to Cloud 9, but just a few clouds over you have the same incredible view!



It would be wonderful if progressive Aquarius found happiness with traditionally minded Capricorn, but then it would be wonderful if peace came to the Middle East, right?

As with most relationships, the honeymoon stage is full of promise. Aquarius, you love earthy Capricorn’s drive for success, and you learn a lot about focus, strategy and discipline.

Capricorn feels your vulnerability and wants to take care of you. He might not express his feelings in words, but he makes you feel feminine, protected and desired.

Fact of Life: ever notice the longer we are with someone, and the more relaxed they become, the more we see of their true selves?

So Aquarius, you realize that your lover’s career is of upmost importance to him, and he expects you to be his inspiration and tireless supporter. Of course, since you have your own work, you can’t always be on call for ego stroking, especially when Saturn-ruled Capricorn is shoulder-deep in one of his black moods. Those moods, by the way, are brought on when your perfectionist loves, misses a career bulls eye.

You try to give him encouragement to climb out of that black hole, but you have your own interests, right? You don’t always have the time or patience to show the sympathy he needs, right?

That means you eventually become impatient with Capricorn, and show annoyance. He then realizes his Aquarius lover, the woman he thought so vulnerable, has a will of iron when it comes to fighting for her own freedom and individuality.

At this point, you unburden your frustration with having to put your own work on the back burner; having to cater to your lover’s black moods, and listening to his conservative views, while your progressive mind is always years into the future.

Capricorn counters with some complaints of his own, starting with your irresponsibility with money.

“Well, at least I am not tight with money!” you say

“I am not tight,” Capricorn replies “I am grown up!”


Now if all could be solved in the bedroom; forgotten in the passion of lovemaking, and then discussed in its gentle aftermath . . . but the truth is that neither you nor Capricorn are highly sexual, and so words will only encourage an inevitable breakup.

But don’t be unhappy Aquarius, know that while you’re looking for your next lover, he’s looking for you!



These astral twins are headed for cosmic compatibility.

Remember the famous words of Scarlett O’Hara’s father in “Gone With The Wind” when speaking about marriage. He said that “like should marry like,” and the match of two Aquarius lovers strengthens his argument.

There’s a dynamic mental attraction that draws you into each other’s orbit, and makes you want to stay there forever

Aquarius, you feel that you have “come home” and that you’re finally speaking to someone who understands your dreams, fears, loves and desires. You’re absolutely right.

Your Aquarius lover understands how you often want to escape the world of materialism, where a person’s value is based on his bank account. He empathizes with your compassion for the underdog and the neglected 99%, and he supports all that you do – and probably joins you – in fighting for their rights.

Now because both of you’re both “relaxed” to say the least, when it comes to handling money, and consider it not worth your time to worry about IRA’s or saving accounts, one of you has to bite the bullet and take charge.

Aquarius, it’s important for you to be realistic about money, not only to build security for the future, but for the here and now. Since you’re both very involved in your work, and could care less about housework, a little extra money is welcome in order to provide the luxury, and probable necessity, of some help to tackle dishes growing in the sink, and the mountain of laundry.

The sexual side of a relationship is usually all-important. However, since your sign dances to the beat of her own bongo drum Aquarius, you break the mold here once again. Although you and your lover are perfectly suited to each other in the bedroom, it won’t be the most important room in the house. You’re both too involved in life’s other pleasures to make sex play the major role in your relationship. However, no matter how much physical intimacy your appetite lusts (or how little), it will never leave you feeling hunger pangs.

Aquarius, your sign is ruled by Uranus, planet of surprises, that catches you off guard when you least expect it . . . and this love match may be the biggest surprise of all.



You meet your Pisces lover at some important crossroad in your life, and for a short time, he seems to be just the romantic and compassionate lover you need.

Then you he takes a turn South and you head North.

Yes, it isn’t long before you’re headed in opposite directions, and the differences between you take you farther and father apart.

It’s true that your Pisces lover is the ultimate romantic and compassionate partner. But Pisces is a sensitive water sign that goes to extremes in his emotions, and you begin to feel as though you’re living a daily soap opera.

Pisces is highly intuitive and he seems almost psychic. Many times -- especially the times you don’t want to share you thoughts -- he will “feel them” without you saying a word. That psychic sensitivity also makes him easily hurt.

Unlike you Aquarius, who detaches herself so easily from emotions, Pisces falls into short bouts of depression. Of course, you’re sympathetic, up to a point. But that delivers a lot less emotional stroking than Pisces needs.

So you become impatient. He becomes emotionally needy. You begin to show annoyance. He begins to see you as the wicked ice queen instead of the warm, maternal female he craves.

Pisces cannot share your dedication to reform the world Aquarius, and in fact, he may find your thinking unconventional, as most people do, but not exciting or inspirational. The truth is he isn’t able to relate to it at all.

Since your dream is to find a lover who can share your ideals, this can leave you feeling even more annoyed, and yes, lonely as well.

You both may attempt to have physical love compensate for what’s lacking emotionally and intellectually, but Pisces soon find you too cool there as well.

So at the end of this love relationship, as you head in opposite directions, you Aquarius, look back over your should to Pisces who is almost out of sight. You breathe a last deep sigh which may sound like regret to someone who doesn’t know you well, but to those who know your need to be your own individualistic self, it’s the ahhh sound of pure relief.





































































































































































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